The Right Washing Machine Is To Be Found…

No household can work properly without a washing machine. Every day the clothes have to be washed and also bed linen, bath towels and curtains need optimal care and cleaning.

Now imagine you have to do all this without a washing machine! This would be time-consuming and exhaustive if you wash the laundry by hand, and secondly, not very cost-effectively, if you have to bring your laundry to the fabric cleaning at least once a week. Therefore, this important household appliance should be!

Some key points that lead to the right washing machine choice

A new washing machine is not purchased every year. Sure, they are investing a little more money in it, but finally you get a guarantee that is valid for 3 to 5 years depending on the model and manufacturer. Before you buy, however, you should consider what a Washing machine You need exactly. In order to help you, we will give you a few key points to help you make your choice:

A modern washing machine from the many offered models

Which washer machine one should choose

  • Where do you place the washing machine? – This is important for the load opening. Front loaders can be integrated into kitchens and offer a floor space on top. These are the best-selling models and can be placed almost anywhere where a water and electricity connection is present. The top loaders are the perfect solution for narrow baths and small-scale laundry rooms. The loading opening, which is located above the unit, saves space and can be filled back in the back. Both models you can see here and even order cheap.
  • Drum capacity – depending on the family member number, you should select the drum filling rate. For 1 to 2 persons a washing machine with 5 to 6 kilogram drum capacity is sufficient. A larger capacity up to 12 kilograms of laundry is unsuitable for private homes. It is important to select a drum size, which you can fill regularly.

New washer machine right

  • Centrifugal performance and easy operation – the higher the centrifugal performance, the more dry the laundry and the lower the electricity consumption. But the revolutions per minute also depend on the sensitivity to the clothing. So you are looking for a machine that has at least two spin settings and it will bring it to at least 1,200 revolutions per minute. Simple operation is important. Important is a clear labeling and display of the program structure, also a change of the wash program should be possible. All models now have a short program. You should also pay attention to washing functions that are important to you, such as some eco-friendly rinse cycles.
  • Water and electricity consumption – although the water and electricity consumption of the devices has generally declined, you should pay attention to low consumption values ​​when purchasing. The particularly energy-saving models can be recognized by the number of plus signs. The 2010 energy market reform has marked the highest efficiency class for washers with A +++.

Other points you should focus on , Are noise winding, safety and manufacturer. We wish you every success in finding the right washing machine for your household and always a problem-free washing.

Top loader for home showering
The washing machine
Drum capacity with washing machines