With The Right Lighting, Simple Rooms Become Comfortable Oases

Light is important. Especially if a room should radiate a very special atmosphere. A single, small light incident, which is properly set in scene, can radiate a beautiful room from a simple room. Exactly so it is with a good working light. Lamps can still be so bright, if they are not properly set up and the angle of the light incident is calculated incorrectly, many bright lamps use nothing.

In this way, they do not effect what is intended: brightness, which is ideal for working. There are countless possibilities to conjure up a lot more from a room, a dark corner or even from an old building by clever lighting. Refinedness and the right perspective determine the truly effective lighting.

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Not only the position of a luminaire is decisive for the right lighting. Different colors can also reflect moods and emotions. For example, colored light bulbs in the colors green, yellow, or purple, can provide an absolute soothing room atmosphere. These colors are intended to bring mind and soul into harmony, which is why they are often used in spas or other wellness areas.

Lighting modern interior purple color light

But even in rooms such as the kitchen or the living room, dyed light bulbs can clearly underline the interior of each room. If the kitchen is kept in a soft green, a green colored pear enhances this hue. If, on the other hand, the whole living room is held in a ground tone, a tinted bulb can also underline this hue. The same Also applies to reading lamps . Although you should donate enough light to read, but it is also slightly wrong. The important thing here is that the lamp screen is not too dark and the lamp is at the right angle to the reading position.

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Bright and white – fresh and clear

However, white and clear light bulbs still dominate. Lampshades, on the other hand, are to be found in all colors and you should also use them quietly. A sofa in beige, the carpet in brown? Then cream-colored lampshades are just right. Or even in brown, so the optical circuit in the room is completely harmonious and only because the lampshades are again united with the carpet visually. Even in the bathroom and toilet you can create a really harmonious atmosphere with beautiful lamps. Here, too, small electric lamps, placed on chests of drawers and provided with small lampshades, are an absolute eye-catcher and spontaneously give this neutral space a certain something.

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Saving energy costs can be so simple

If you use well-measured and well thought-out its light sources, can save at the end of the year so some euros. Plug-in strips with toggle switches, for example, are ideal to switch off all devices connected to the power supply with a switch. This is not only good and useful for switching the lamps on and off, but also especially important for devices that signal their readiness around the clock.

This means in the plaintext: All devices that have a standby mode use this and tap the power supply around the clock, day and night. If you switch off these with a toggle switch on the plug, not only are all devices immediately removed from the power supply, they can also save electricity because they are simply in the actual off mode. A lot can also be saved for the various power suppliers. The different tariffs and conditions can be adapted to the respective current consumption of the consumer. Therefore it is never wrong, To compare the electricity prices in detail And in this way with the most favorable supplier to supply. If you then also save energy by energy-saving lamps – the better!

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