Living Marble: Modern kitchen furniture for a luxurious appearance

The marble furniture is very interesting

White kitchen furniture in marble radiates modernity and luxury. The extent to which this is done largely depends on its use. Marble can cover a wide range of kitchen worktops, or you can make certain details in your kitchen. An accent of this material would uniquely enhance the simple kitchen.

Weld the gray-white color palette together

The texture of the marble can combine dark and light shading in a very natural way. You can therefore weld a color palette that includes these two aspects. White marble With dark grain would, for example, work wonderfully in a gray-and-white kitchen. The decor would immediately have an artistic character.

Subtle kitchen furniture in marble with gold accents
Kitchen unit with marble kitchen island and kitchen back

The art of nature

Art and nature? Does not that sound contradictory? But on the contrary! Some natural forms appear as painted or carved. So also the figures we find on marble surfaces. In one of our examples, this special feature is accentuated by artistic hanging lights. Their lines are the same as those which form in the grain of the marble surface.

Both objects emphasize their uniqueness.

Complete wall or floor design in marble

In some of the pictures you see Marble wall design . Also the floor could be executed in this material. This is a major effort, but you can simply keep the rest of the kitchen furniture simple.

Scandinavian kitchen with swing

Kitchen island made of marble large dining table with designer chairs

 Marble with acrylic and mirror surfaces

Some of the most beautiful modern kitchen furnishings combine white marble with translucent acrylic textures and mirror surfaces. This creates an extremely transparent appearance. It is quite neutral from a stylistic point of view, so it can be more modern or classic, depending on the case.

Futuristic kitchen furniture with marble

Want a futuristic kitchen facility, is marble Also a very good possibility. The grain on the white surface looks quite abstract and will work wonderfully together with furniture and accessories as well as other kitchens of this kind.

Brass, as well as marble, belongs to the residential trends 2017

Kitchen island with marble work surface wood and hanging lights from brass

Scandinavian kitchen with marble

Marble is a wonderful addition to a Scandinavian kitchen. It is ideal for the kitchen back, kitchen island or work surfaces. Combine best with white walls and wooden floor.

Colored and dark marble

You can use dark or colored marble to create a particularly distinctive kitchen. In this case, we would create an accent or individual details in the marble kitchen. Combinations of marble in different colors would also be very popular. The same idea, but a few decent, you realize when only the grain is executed in different colors.

Fine marble texture and discreet color nuances

Marble flooring kitchen back kitchen island with sink

So what characterizes the marble kitchen?

It is characteristically and quite transformable: the use of the Marble in the room design Has a long tradition, and this classic and noble material is also ideal for the realization of futuristic concepts in kitchen design.

Wood and marble

Large kitchen island made of marble in the modern kitchen

Modern kitchen furniture in muted colors

Kitchen design with marble kitchen island wall coverings wallpapers

Rectangular kitchen sign with kitchen back of marble

Kitchen back of marble with coarse grain white gray

More sparkle and glamor for the upscale taste

Luxury kitchens with marble chimneys floor tiles

Design a photo wall with stunning pictures

Marble work surface kitchen island wall design with photos fotowand make itself

Minimalist kitchen furniture made of wood and marble

Marble in the kitchen as dining table and kitchen backdrop

Golden accents as a highlight in the kitchen

Marble kitchen furniture worktop and kitchen backrest brass pendant

Minimalist living with marble

Marble kitchen sink luxury furnishings

Gray and white – an unbeatable duet

Marble kitchen island with coarse grain gray kitchen cabinets modern pendulums

Choose your special grain!

Marble kitchen backstairs white kitchen furnishings wooden dining table and transparent plastic chairs

Modern kitchen design with marble kitchen island and white kitchen cabinets

Feats and design furniture create a special spice into the interior

Parquet flooring marble floor tile

Square kitchen island marble surface black pendulums

Wall design with marble in the kitchen

Kitchen furnishing marble modern kitchen furnishing with white cabinets

Kitchen modern furnishings marble kitchen back

Kitchen unit in neutral colors with marble kitchen cabinets kitchen island

Kitchen furniture marble green coarse grain wall cladding

Kitchen design floor covering marble white kitchen cabinets and kitchen island

Kitchen back of marble white kitchen island bar stool large pendulum light

Kitchen backdrop marble with fine grain modern lighting pencils

Long kitchen island with sink black wall tiles

Marble kitchen flooring and kitchen back luxury

Marble in the kitchen parquet kitchen island with coarse grain

Modern kitchen set up with marble kitchen island and kitchen backdrop

Modern kitchen facility with marble kitchen back

Parquet and marble kitchen furniture white kitchen cabinets matt

Black marble marble marble countertop with white grain

White kitchen cabinets glanzmarmor kücheninsel kücherückwand granit floor tiles

White kitchen cabinets and marble kitchen backround dining table