Wood Furniture And Floor Coverings Made Of Real Wood

Echtholz remains one of the most popular materials both in the outdoor area and in the interior design. We all know his warm, pleasant charisma, which gives us a comfortable feeling of comfort and security. In order to preserve the authentic beauty of the wood surface for an extended period of time, you should be familiar with some. Whether it ‘s wood floor, wall cladding or Wood furniture , The right wood care is simply indispensable. As a natural material, wood is unfortunately quite susceptible to moisture, light, insects and fungi. Therefore only pickling in most cases is not enough. Even though you can optimally preserve the grain and the specific wood structure, almost all woods need the right seal.

There are different ways to choose from, depending on the effect you want to achieve. As a matter of principle, in the case of pretreated wood, you should inform yourself in advance which wood preservation has been used. Thus, for example, after waxing, there is no wax or the like.

Wood furniture must be properly stained

Wood furniture wood preservation wood stains wood staining stain correctly apply

A frequently used and preferred wood preservative is the wood oil. It is extracted from the tropical Tung-nut and is mixed with linseed oil. This product is suitable for light as well as for dark woods. Wood oil is particularly used in the care of Wood floors to recommend. However, because it has a strong smell, you should ensure an intensive supply of fresh air after application.

Hard oil is another alternative, which is also perfect for wood furniture. It combines the most important properties of oil and wax. Hard oil nourishes, maintains and seals the wood surface at the same time and ensures optimum protection against moisture and insects.

Use lacquers correctly

Clear lacquer as wood care is more recommended for lighter woods, for furniture, living accessories and wall claddings, because it is not so resistant to scratches. On the other hand, acrylic and alkyd lacquers are not only water-resistant but also much more durable and can withstand all household cleaners.

For serious problems such as deep scratches or stains, you probably need the so-called opaque varnishes. These cover the wood grain by their color, but also the actual problem.

If you prefer the varnish with silk luster for an even nobler effect

Wood furniture wood care staircase white color wood lacquer covering

And if you are more likely to have natural shine for your furniture, you can only use wax as a wood preservative. Attention! But only if water protection is not an issue for you.


Do you have furniture or living accessories made of light, inexpensive woods and want to make them look more noble?

Then the solution is – glaze. This will awaken your furniture to the new life. Bring the glaze in the direction of the grain. In this way, the tint becomes even.

Have fun with the wood care and a good success!

Maintain your furniture with care!

Wood furniture wood careers polishers wood flooring

Protect the wooden floor from pointed heels

Wood furniture wood flooring to avoid high heels

Always use the right cleaning agent for the fine wood surface

Wood furniture wood care floor wood flooring properly care polish

The outdoor areas with wood need even more care than the interior areas

Wood furniture wood care flooring wood flooring terrace balcony rattan furniture armchair

Combine different textures and wood tones

Wooden furniture wooden flooring parquet flooring chair legs window frame dining table

Light woods give the space more visual expanse

Wood furniture wood conservation flooring parquet flooring wood flooring living room dining room

Re-used elmwood works wonders

Wood furniture wood care floor wood flooring parquet used wood designer furniture barcelona armchair

Take a look at the video below:

Fine woods and delicate shine

Wood furniture wood care lacquer care dining table chairs porcelain dishes

Or do you prefer lighter, rough textures?

Wood furniture living room furniture shelves couch tables side tables
Wood furniture wood care outdoor garden furniture chairs open fire place
Wood furniture wood care parquet wood floor stairs house wood cutting
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