Vintage Tiles Give Every Room An Individual Charm

The old has long been modern again. Vintage tiles are a popular design element in modern interior design. And not without a reason: they are a great way to make living space comfortable! So they appear in almost every room: in the living and dining area, in the bedroom and bathroom, in the hallway and in the kitchen. Would you also bring a nice vintage flair to your home? Then make beautiful walls or a striking floor with tiles in vintage style! We’ll show you how to do it right away.

Vintage tiles make the bathtub stand out

vintage tiles bathroom fresh pattern

Why are vintage tiles so popular?

Some things make vintage tiles an excellent choice in the design of walls and floors. In the first place, it should be noted that these ceramic tiles are characterized by a high quality: they are made of quality materials and very precise.

These include cement and porcelain stoneware. For example, a cement-floored floor really lasts a long time…

Above all, vintage-style tiles are purely decorative. Not only traditional patterns are typical of the modern vintage tiles. But they can also be particularly trendy. Subtle, geometric, colorful, floral… You will find a suitable model for the wall or the floor in any room, so you can customize it individually.

Vintage tiles in patchwork style pep up the ambience

vintage tiles fresh pattern floor wood look

Different colors and shapes help you set different accents and achieve different looks. So you can put on subtle colors and motifs or opt for very colorful models. Depending on whether the room is modern or traditional, you should consider the style of decorating the tiles.

Fresh vintage-style wall tiles create a cheerful mood in the kitchen

vintage tiles fresh blue wall tiles

How could you properly stage vintage tiles?

Instead of giving the interior a strict modern look, you could give a nostalgic touch. And that’s when you put on vintage tiles. As vintage-style tiles have a variety of looks, they are ideal for creating different spaces: for wet rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom, as well as for the rest of the living spaces, the living room, the dining room and the hallway. Regardless of the application area, Vintage Tiles help you create a charming interior design that is characterized by its own charisma. So floor tiles in vintage style have an elegant and rustic effect effect. And vintage-style wall tiles add vibrancy to the interior.

White vintage metro tiles are classic in the bathroom

vintage tiles bathroom ideas white sink

Vintage wall tiles for the kitchen in the outdated look

vintage tiles kitchen oldlook wall tiles

There are also trends in the vintage tiles. Many designs have a faded shine and give the interior a bit of old-look. You could also easily achieve a patchwork look by combining suitable motifs and patterns. Vintage Victorian tiles and vintage wood-effect tiles are another option for giving your home a vintage look.

Let the floor and the walls in the bathroom correspond nicely

vintage tile victorian floor tiles

Particularly popular are the Metro tiles. The classic Metro tiles in the form of a brick wall are an eighth all-rounder in modern interior design! These emphasize the country style or the shabby chic look. Even with individual rustic elements, vintage tiles combine perfectly!

Cozy bathroom with vintage rustic look

vintage tile patchwork look rustic table

Be sure to consider vintage tiles if you want to tile the walls and floor! It’s definitely worth it!

Very simple and stylish bathroom design with Metro wall tiles

vintage tiles bathroom gray wall tiles beautiful flooring

Vintage wall tiles help you create an appealing kitchen design

Vintage Tile Vintage Look White Kitchen Cabinets

A flooring with a beautiful pattern captivates the view

vintage tile floor tiles pattern white black

Stylishly coordinate colors and patterns

vintage tile kitchen back wall ideas white kitchen cabinets

Vintage metro tiles also fit in a modern bathroom

vintage tiles metro tiles wall tiles floor black white

These white metro tiles upgrade the modern kitchen

vintage tiles modern metro tiles white bathroom

Metro tiles are easy to clean

vintage tiles kitchen decorating ideas metro tile kitchen back wall

Vintage kitchen in pastel tones invites you to linger

vintage tile retro style pastel colors home decor kitchen