Bottom Shelves And Storage Accessories In XL? What To Do?

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Bottom shelves, and more

When it comes to safe storage in the warehouse, in the workshop, in the Office or in the garage, you would of course only the best, the safest and if possible get the most for your money.  It should be sturdy shelves that have a satisfactory capacity. It’s easy to implement, they say… This is the logical question, how massive and how difficult this viable frame should be.

The answer will surprise you very, because there are a number of German manufacturers that deal explicitly with the optimizing of industry needs.

Warehouse shelving systems work smoothly

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A warehouse equipment has to do not only with an apparent order. Numerous and important criteria will be considered and satisfied. For example, shelving systems for the industry designed, are comfortably along – and can be disassembled, what optimum use of space offers a good flexibility in thing. Also, there are widening connector systems and lifts, which allow a temporary but very safe use of space. Besides saving space, an optimized shelf system can be useful for logistical matters.

Cantilever racking, that vary in width, length and height

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There are even pallet racks, allowing the up – and download of heavy cargoes by forklift. The offering of a specialized manufacturer includes all existing shelving systems and Aufbewahrunggschränke, as well as the corresponding accessories. Convenient for the customers you can get installation, construction and maintenance from a single source.  It’s great, if the expertise, personnel and quality products, which are manufactured in Germany, are a super value for money.

Viable and sound

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A shelf is a shelf. How much should you know about it, someone will ask. The reaction seems to be normal until you immerse yourself in the expertise of industrial shelving systems and meets the endless possibilities, fulfilled standards, and creative ideas. Last but not least, eco-friendly manufacturing strategies are developed. To the safety of the employees, planners and developers care accordingly.

Fachbodedenregale and stock order

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For a smooth work in the warehouse, in the Office or in the shop, you should have found the right shelf or shelf system. For this to be possible, you need some technical knowledge.  On the market, we distinguish the following industrial racking systems:

Pallet racks for extremely heavy load

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Floor shelves

Under the generic term bottom shelves, we understand the most common screw shelf systems, plug-in-shelf systems, set shelves and high shelves.  You want a permanent installation of the rack, the screw shelf system would be the right choice for you.  The plug-in shelves allow a fast conversion without tools. The set shelves represent assembled units that are ready to use. And should no sufficient loading surface offer length and width, help yourself with the vertical order of the rack.

Screw and plug shelves for an optimum overview

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The listed shelf versions promise a perfect and rational order for file folders, tools, goods and everything else that yearning for order.

Shelvings XL shelf z.B be according to your needs on request tailored. For private and industrial use, you get no better choice for the basement, shed and garage.

Perfect logistics

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Cantilever racking

The collar shelving design applies to oversized and bulky pieces of long wooden slats, wood profiles, sheet metal or steel plates can be that in large industrial halls. What is special about the collar arm shelves is the load-bearing and solid steel construction. Skilled personnel find a solution for you, no matter whether a small shelf line or to the construction of entire warehouses.

The new order of the file folders

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Heavy load shelves / pallet racks

Pallet racks, which are known under the name of heavy load shelves, offer the optimum solution for the storage of heavy goods. Depending on the manufacturer, pallets can up to 12m height and a weight stack up to 30 t on the shelves. For a flawless logistics and optimal use of space, a lateral, as well as a longitudinal charge of the pallets is possible.

Security and stability by pallet racks

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The construction and equipment provisions from shelves in Germany are described in detail in the product safety act. For security reasons, it is recommended to take the personnel of the company you selected claim. CAD can make your individual storage planning draughtsman and developers, which can save you time and money. Assembly and inspection will be considered also. Replacement warranty and warranty and certification may not be missing your storage shelf provider.

Flexible use of space

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