Leather Belt Flooring – Belt Reuse Old, Useless

leather belt flooring wall design textures

Vintage looking and innovative living idea

Inghua Ting has come up with the creative idea to use old, useless leather belt, it transforms them in floor coverings, carpets and decorative items for the interior design, including doors, walls and steps. Each vintage, reusable belt is absolutely unique and there are no pieces that look the same.

Leather belt flooringClothed interior door with belts – massive and remarkable this looks

leather belt flooring wall design quirk

As a square foot the metal pieces of the belts are available, has cleaned the belt and prepared. The composition of each tile and each Panel is betriebseigen created to insure the correct pattern and the color balance of any installation.

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Robust wall decoration in shades of Brown – rustic accent wall

leather belt flooring wall decoration ideas

Previously correctly edited – sustainable flooring you can clean easily

leather belt flooring discreet wall decoration pattern

Living room carpet from belts with atmospheres textures

leather belt flooring ideas wall decoration leather belt carpet

Treads cover with belts – how to find this staircase?

leather belt flooring wall design steps

Wall decorations and wall decoration – Recylelte leather belt serve an unexpected purpose

leather belt flooring wall design leather belt reuse

Some people already have their choice, and how is this you?

flooring leather belt wall decoration living room