Linoleum Flooring In Wood Design – Ideas And Examples

linoleum flooring wood look round knitted cushion

Linoleum flooring wood look

What is linoleum? It is a pure natural product, which was invented in the 19th century by the chemist Frederik Walton. It consists of the following natural ingredients: linseed oil, natural resins, Cork or wood flour, dyes and jute fabric as a carrier layer.

Linoleum flooring comes back in fashion

linoleum flooring wood look wooden floor laying living room interior design ideas

The linoleum floor was up to highly popular in the 50s of the 20th century and was employed in residential as well as commercial applications. Then he but was replaced by modern floor coverings of plastic, Cork, etc., as well as carpets.

All new is well forgotten old

linoleum flooring wood grain pattern linoleum tiles wooden floor laying

Today is the linoleum flooring back into fashion. Due to its good qualities is the linoleum floor still among floor coverings, Interior in consideration to emerge during renovation. One of the main advantages of the linoleum is its longevity. It is biodegradable, hygienic and antibacterial, and last but not least easy to care for.

Linoleum floor coverings are nowadays available in various colors and patterns. A creative and modern interior design is perfectly possible with linoleum. We often talk about the warm radiance of wood floors and accordingly we are looking also for various alternatives. Linoleum could be such a low-cost Variant. The linoleum flooring wood a reliable optical illusion that one should underestimate never manages. Look at the interesting examples in this post and think about the possibility of a linoleum lay flooring in your living room or bedroom.

The laying of linoleum flooring

linoleum flooring wood look optical illusion

Self adhesive linoleum

linoleum flooring wood look flooring Holzbodeb laying

Linoleum wood in the form of tiles

linoleum flooring wood grain linoleum tile floor covering hardwood floors laying

The linoleum is often confused with PVC or vinyl . These are actually a kind of artificial linoleum and also a low-cost solution that can replace the real wood floor.

Modern wood kitchen and dining area with linoleum flooring wood look

linoleum floor wood finish wood kitchen dining room flooring

A welcoming atmosphere in the bedroom, which was achieved through the linoleum floor in wood finish

linoleum flooring wood look bedroom ideas flooring

The linoleum but yet not suitable for use in damp rooms is easy to clean and waterproof,

linoleum floor wood finish wood kitchen dining room care

Linoleum wood is highly valued in the gastronomy and often can be used

linoleum or vinyl flooring wood look dining

Modern linoleum floors are colorful and perfect for inserting accents

linoleum flooring floor covering in green color ideas dining room

Diverse linoleum patterns – wood look are also currently still other looks

linoleum flooring Marmoleum natural materials

Patterned Linoliumfliesen – polka dot patterns in combination and imitated wood grain

linoleum flooring wood look polka dot pattern wood kitchen dining room

Lay grey Linnoliumfliesen with stripe pattern

linoleum flooring tiles floor dining room catering furniture

Learn from the experts in the industry, how could lay linoleum successfully