Parquet, So Said As Never

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Parquet floors are announced. In different colors and many different Woods available, they adorn the surfaces of housing floors as a floor covering and allow a pleasant living environment. There are different types: there are planks, which are rather oblong boards, then there are small square pattern, or but also rod-shaped pattern. In ancient times, there were elaborate parquet publisher who created a parquet to a big picture with diamonds or elaborate embellishments.

Easy to lay parquet

Nowadays, it is easy to lay a parquet. By so-called click systems, also a layman with some artisanal skill can renew at home its ground. The parquet floor has usually a direction, it should consider precisely in advance, because the direction of the parquet increases also the room effect. It has a narrow room, should you across the direction festelgen.

parquet lay said as never

Oiled or sealed?

Oiled floors are increasingly modern. In this case, the surface of the wood of the parquet with an oil is embedded, but not sealed. Oil closes the pores of the wood so that it is highly resistant to moisture, but not completely makes the pores close. This the soil can breathe, what brings a big advantage: the ground can namely humidity record and return and thus contributing to a better environment.

Another advantage of the oiled surface is the effect of the wood in the room: an oiled floor has a haptic interface, the wood is very much present. A painted surface, however, is hampered by the paint in his broadcast. It is similar to when a condom: it is said also you don’t feel it, but you can just feel the small difference.

Parquet in rooms which have plenty of moisture, such as the bathroom is not suitable. Here is either to proceed with really special care, or refrain from a parquet, because frequent water can withstand no parquet.

Types of wood

There are now so many parquet floor types such as the sand of the sea. Always new methods be developed again to create another surface effect in the wood. Of very white to almost black parquet floors, everything is represented.The oak is popular again, because it is a very hard and durable wood. But also beech, maple, Acacia, birch, ash, and chestnut there is an auditorium. Through the different procedures and treatments are either emphasized grains in the wood, or just rather uniformly ironed smooth. Examples can be seen at beautiful on the site.

parquet lay tips said to like never before

Buy flooring online

Parquet floors have a long history and have been used in many castles. Providing easy-care on the one hand, and on the other hand, the sense of well-being of a parquet floor was already by the Kings long ago considered especially valuable. Also, a parquet floor is more comfortable than a stone floor in winter. Pervades the cold not so from the bottom, the ground has an insulating effect. This has given rise to a problem between the use of underfloor heating and parquet floors then also for a while, because a portion of the heat didn’t come through the ground to the surface. Meanwhile, the manufacturer but have this under control. Most parquet floors are suitable for underfloor heating. To do this, you should insure nevertheless manufacturer. But then, nothing in the way is a new floor.

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