With The Proper Care Of The Parquet To The Always Radiant Floor

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Correct parquet care as artists I the tips

The right advice for the maintenance of parquet

Through proper floor care, you can keep your soil longer time in its ideal State. The care of each parquet floor is not very complicated if you know the right steps. We have sorted this in this article for you.

The right care for your hardwood floors

Parquet care tips for ambitious housewives

The wood floor properly maintain and clean up

Attractive female with vacuum cleaner

What should you watch for parquet cleaning


The rules at a glance

To make it clearer and easier to parquet care for you, we offer you the rules in the form of a list. Here it is:

♦ Use products, the manufacturer is recommended.

♦ Use you any products for vinyl and ceramic tiles: you make the floor smooth and slippery.

Use the right detergent

Correct floor care tips for ambitious housewives

♦ Place the mats before the doors off.

♦ Place the mats on the wooden floor from: among these, much dirt and dust collects.

♦ Wipe you don’t get wet: water leads to stains and other damages. With spilled food, wipe off with a damp cloth.

Wipe with a damp cloth, but only if it is necessary

Correct floor care tips for ambitious housewives

♦ Remove you the dirt immediately.

♦ Documents you the legs of tables and other furniture with something which avoids scratching the parquet.

♦ Furniture lift, if you want to put them, rather than push it.

♦ Action not with high heels on the parquet floor.

♦ Lay in the kitchen before the sink one carpet.

♦ Cleaning you the floor regularly.

Enjoy a clean parquet floors

Parquet care tips lying on the wooden floor

♦ Once the shine disappears, painting the floor again.

♦ Polishing you not: remember that the parquet is produced from high pressure extruded materials with a laminated surface, imitating wood,.

♦ Avoid you funds with coarse texture and friction parts.

♦ Place you never directly on the parquet floor plant containers, even if they under-layers have.

Put pot plants directly on the floor

Correct floor care tips dining room flooring wood

♦ Pets must have manicured nails so that they do not damage the flooring structure.

♦ Renovating you at the earliest two weeks after painting.

Now you have the rules of parquet care! Consider these regularly, so you can enjoy the beauty of your parquet floor long.

Keep these simple tips in mind and your flooring will shine before cleanliness

Entryway in upscale home

Wooden floors in the modern living room

Parquet care useful tips for housewives

Protect your parquet floor with a send carpet

Proper floor care tips living room wood floor covering

…oder runner

Correct floor care tips floor runner rug

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