Glass Fibre Wallpaper – Useful Information And Practical Tips And Tricks

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fibreglass wallpaper innovative technology materials Strip

Glass fibre wallpaper? What is that?

Glass fibre wallpaper is the generic term for an interesting group of decorative facing materials for the walls. The name reveals its structure. They are made of glass fibres. For the production to use the following materials: silica sand, soda, dolomite, limestone.

The raw materials used are exclusively of course. This ensures the absence of pollutants. Within manufacturing, the fibers are connected to leaf base. The final product can be very different in terms of thickness and structure. The creation of beautiful reliefs and structural elements is possible.

Glass fiber wallpapers imitate successfully other textures

fibreglass wallpaper modern technology elegant design skin pattern

Fire protection

For the purpose of fire resistance, the glass fibres with special impregnation agents are processed. They differ from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Correctly attach the glass fiber wallpaper

First, apply a layer of latex base in neutral color. You put the glass fiber wallpaper of it. Preferably, you should use your both hands Fürs attaching. Make sure that the right amount of glue or paint. Too much of it could cause that the wallpaper off the wall easily detach.

Innovative technology and watercolor in a

fibreglass wallpaper innovative materials technology drawings

Depending on the choice of color, the wallpaper will be matt or silky. Thus it is also, whether or not the wallpapers are washable.

The main advantages of the glass fiber wallpaper

The main advantage of glass fiber wallpapers is their sustainability. Its surface is not bursting. Glass fiber wallpapers are resistant to the harmful effect of concentrated disinfectant. They can be used successfully up to 30 years. To prolong her life as much as possible, you should opt for color and glue of good quality. Not to often wash them.

Elegant solution for design fanatics

fibreglass wallpaper innovatively stylish designer furniture

No static electricity is formed on glass fiber wallpaper. No dust accumulates. You can clean your glass fiber wallpaper multiple times with a brush.

On the basis of your sustainability, glass fiber wallpapers are suitable for offices and industrial buildings. They adorn the walls of many restaurants and shops.

Even warm wood finish can perfectly imitate himself with glass fiber wallpaper

fibreglass wallpaper modern wall decoration wood

A healthy choice

Glass fiber wallpapers are a healthy choice in direct and figurative sense of the word. They represent a good investment in financial terms. In addition, the glass fiber wallpapers have anti-bacterial properties.

They have a universal character with regard to the basis on which they are placed. Glass fiber wallpapers sit well on plasterboard, concrete, different types of bricks, plastic, metal.

Subtly and stylishly gift at the same time

fibreglass wallpaper innovative technology light gray wall color

You can order beautiful floral motifs as glass fiber wallpaper

fibreglass wallpaper innovative sustainable flowers motifs

Flash colors are also a possible option for your modern home

fibreglass wallpaper modern technology sustainable

This type of wallpaper are suitable for humid rooms just perfect

fibreglass wallpaper modern water repellent glossy finish

Combine different patterns for appropriate dynamics in the space

fibreglass wallpaper sustainable technology strips traditional pattern

Stone look is of course

fibreglass wallpaper mural decoration stone look

And there is of course a wide choice of pattern for retro fans

fibreglass wallpaper living room wall decoration pattern retro

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