Minimalist Designer Wallpaper For A Sophisticated, Modern Ambience

designer wallpaper minimalistic patterns

Give your rooms a certain sophistication with Designer wallpaper

No secret it is more that the wallpaper is back in vogue. And very often when it comes to the choice for your modern interior, the motto: less is sometimes more. Today we have again just right for you. We 15 stylish designer wallpapers, which are at the same time meaningful and subtly present. Here you will find almost everything from rulers and other geometric patterns on retro to more abstract forms. The colours are neutral and of course and provide a perfect backdrop for your modern interior. Are you ready for a closer overview?

Above you see already the self-adhesive wallpaper of CB2, which was designed by the Chicago-based designer Noël Ashby. The patterns are abstract and geometric, and have a light gray shade. The advantage of this wallpaper is that she is completely removable.

Wilshire mural from West Elm

designer wallpaper concrete look

This easy-to-attach vinyl wallpaper will give your walls an excellent concrete look. The imitation is just perfect and the neutral color is a universal backdrop for all kinds of home accessories.

Three-dimensional cube in light grey

designer wallpapers three-dimensional geometric pattern

Luxurious wallpaper with Greek key pattern in black and gold

designer wallpaper gold black of Greek key

Orbit metallic by Noël Ashby

designer wallpaper geometric circles

A more minimalist design of Noël Ashby: this wallpaper is a sophisticated imitation of a network with delicate circuits. It is also available from CB2 and can be replaced very easily.

A clever imitation of stones

designer wallpaper minimalistic patterns stylized stones

Geometry in white by Graham & Brown

designer wallpaper of minimalist design pattern

You will find this dynamic relief in white at Graham & Brown. The inspiration for this came from the modern architecture. So a three-dimensional pattern can bring more movement in any room with security.

Beaded Moon at West Elm

designer wallpaper minimalist retro

This subtle wallpaper at West Elm enchanted with their filigree design in the retro style. To fit particularly well antique or vintage pieces of furniture and living article.

Strong and masculine in black

designer wallpaper minimalist black tiles look

If you your rooms prefer a stronger broadcast would give, then this informative wallpaper tiles look is the ideal solution for you. This is again finding in Graham & Brown and will be a successful complement to your sophisticated, minimalist interior design.

If you stand on Shabby Chic

designer wallpaper minimalist Shabby Chic rattan furniture

Non-woven wallpaper: the network by FERM living

designer wallpaper rectangles minimalist

You will find such a fine wallpaper at the Danish company FERM living. It is a minimalist imitation of a network and combines precision and smoothness in a. It’s wallpaper, which you can connect without any problems and pull off a WallSmart.

Ferm living network in light pink

designer wallpaper rectangles Rosa

Subtle weave pattern at Graham & Brown

designer wallpaper subtle pattern geometric

Traditional vintage pattern in beige

designer wallpapers traditional patterns of minimalist

The origami Strip wallpaper from West Elm

designer wallpaper white relief

This wallpaper will win not only with its filigree relief and their elegance, but also with their eco-friendliness. It was printed with laser on a special paper and is completely PVC free. In addition, the product is very low values when it comes to emissions of VOCs.