Modern Monochrome Wallpapers 3D – Shape And Design By Graham & Brown

black 3D wallpaper Cameron

The new shape & design collection by Graham & Brown consists of various attractive and modern tapestries, which are inspired by geometric figures. The collection is characterized by an interesting and original design. It is based on the use of shadow and creates a three-dimensional effect. These wallpapers are created in monochrome colors. They look sleek and stylish. That’s why they fit ideally in every room of the House. Here, we can meet different types of wallpaper decorated with graphics, smooth surfaces, metallic luster and delicate strokes. This unique collection includes 7 great models:

– Checker has Plaid wallpaper pattern with 3D elements, which are also combined with shining shadow effects. The squares on the checkered background were printed in different sizes.

Grey gingham 3D wallpaper with a stylish wall clock

Checker wallpaper grey wall clock

– Ephemeral has a sliding geometric design. Here, shadow, texture and points are interconnected, so that creates the effect of merging stones.

Stylish Tapetendeko in purple with 3D effect and white floor lamp

purple wallpaper 3D ephemeral

– Concave offers interesting s-shaped figures which are elegantly combined and are underlined by the metallic luster.

Elegant interiors with extravagater three dimensional wall decoration, jewel-toned floors and black Chair

concave black grey wallpaper Chair

– Cubix has a really classic design and original shapes, very effectively caused by metallic Sheen in the foreground.

Glamorous interior design with the help of the modern Cubix design

Cubix mouse grey wallpaper Chair

Elegance and style with light grey 3D wallpaper, extravagant vases and dominoes

light grey 3D wallpaper Cubix

– Empire has been called, inspired by the ancient art of paper folding, or origami. The folded pattern look very nice in combination with metal coating.

Great combination of black 3D wallpaper and white clothes stand in tree form

Empire wallpaper black racks

– Ethos is created by the luxurious fabric with moiré effect. Here are delicate patterns with a glossy finish. This model combines Matt and gloss, which repeat themselves with intricate anomalies of district of and thus creates a spiral, meditative design.

Tenderness and cosiness in the House with this meditative wallpaper design

3D wallpaper floor lamp ethos

– Canteen is reminiscent of an old round television screen in retro style. Through this simple graphic design the walls appear spherical, and they create a Visual sense of depth and breadth.

wallpaper 3D Silver Chair Mensa Interior design exclusever wallpaper, grey Chair with green ground

Text by Katja

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