The New Wallpaper Trends 2014

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wallpaper trends flowers and birds

Adorn your walls with the new wallpaper trends 2014

Find your own style when it comes to clothes and accessories, not only but also to interior design and decoration. We’ll show you today 12 fabulous wallpaper trends for the new 2014. With wall decoration you can afford for your comfort at home or for the promotion of certain activities. Just look how you can customise your spaces cosier, without neglecting your needs for aesthetics.

Large patterns no matter whether they are abstract or figurative, are not very elegant, but they become the undisputed eye-catcher in every room. You can select contrasting colors or textures for a stronger effect to.

Exquisite classic pattern or stripes create a luxurious ambience the you with designer furniture or can personalize with selling your choice.

Minimalist elegance or romantic chic

wallpaper trends Strip and figures

Curly tendrils or shiny, delicate patterns seem especially solid

wallpaper trends filigree pattern in grey and green

As trendy colours for wallpapers in 2014 grey and purple are particularly popular. Floral, classical or geometric patterns on a darker background in one of these colors are highly recommended.

This type of wallpaper fit perfectly to the minimalist furnishing style

wallpaper trends floral pattern in purple

Old patterns with new technologies

wallpaper trends oversized flowers and abstract art

By fancy photo wallpapers, you can give your interior an incomparable flair and unique perspective

wallpaper trends library and aircraft

You can use your own photos as wallpapers

wallpaper trends pictures on photo wallpaper

Many printing companies offer already these trendy products. Send the desired photos or motifs and the wallpapers come directly to your desired size. In this way, you can enjoy even your own creativity.

Order panels only wallpapers

wallpaper trends panels with fine patterns

This new type of wall decoration is one of the most stylish of the new wallpaper trends 2014. Thus, you can decorate quite easily just part of your wall and create a particular eye-catcher.

Graphic patterns like this can change the size of your room visually below

wallpaper trends graphic pattern

Spring-like pattern for a flowery, fresh Interior

wallpaper trends spring flowers large and small

Rustic romance is timeless

wallpaper trends romantic and rustic

Fine patterns and earth tones for purists

wallpaper trends natural optic floral

These wallpaper trends are meant only as a basis. Take the most appropriate ideas and decorate your home with much feeling to your own taste.

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