The Right Wallpaper Create An Individual Ambiance

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wallpaper black white patterned filigree

Make the perfect choice in terms of wallpapers with Tapetenmax

In addition to the individually furnished with furniture a room gets a good living, when the walls are designed. In this context, wallpapers in their different aspects play an important role, because it is an excellent opportunity, texture, color and pattern, to conjure up but also individual motifs on the wall. It is decisively shaped the character of a room, so the decision and selection should be well considered.

The classic fits to allThose who opt for a woodchip wallpaper, choose the classic par excellence. Because this is very versatile and can be painted over with a desire for change simply with emulsion paint. The textured surface balances perfectly bumps or fine cracks on the wall, and talk to the other properties such as structural and dimensional stability and breathability for this wallpaper. Also the paper wallpaper, usually consisting of two layers of paper is one of the classics of wall decoration . The upper is coloured or printed with patterns, depending on the quality of the wallpaper, this is more or less resistant. This is how is changing the wallpaper in the course of time, yellow right, so either or faded. There are paper wall-paper a special attraction for the children’s room with different cartoon characters printed. 47 percent of the junior rooms with them are supposedly at least Germany wide. For the living room or bedroom, wallpaper made of paper are perfect when they are printed in the style of renowned designer with exclusive patterns.

wallpaper patterned spotted modern design

Structural vinyl enjoys growing popularityWho wants to have a refined ambience in his home, is well advised with the always trendy and structure vinyl wallpaper. They have a three-dimensional relief effect can be reinforced by appropriate coloring. The wallpaper is itself is very robust, in the purchase of expensive. This convinces not only by exceptional optics, but also by high breathability and durability against light influences. Since they are very flame resistant, they can be applied also in rooms, whose humidity is higher than average, for example in the bathroom or kitchen. The simple Vinyl wallpaper however, especially impresses with low maintenance effort and therefore also suitable for kitchen, bathroom or Office and staircases.

wallpaper Baroque-style black white retro patterned

Textile creates cosinessIn the living room’s a comfortable and cosy ambiance. This is done best with textile wallpaper on the walls. These are made of wool, silk, linen or cotton and are very sensitive. But the optics and a certain flair compensated for the purchase of expensive and high complexity, properly install the wallpaper on the wall. A very fluffy surface – and thus a very cosy ambiance – have velvet wallpaper. This be on thick base paper textile fibers by electrostatic influences “on flocked”, creating the velvety impression. In dark colors, they spread a pleasant atmosphere in living room and bedrooms and convince with homely atmosphere in which everyone feels.

wallpaper shabby Shic patterned stylewallpaper brick optics wall decoration

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