Wall Decoration With Patterned Wallpaper – 13 Decoration Ideas

wall decoration Grün house effect white wall decoration

The pursuit of individuality when setting up

“Modern design and variety of colors in the House to bring the theme”, developed for centuries and appears to be a major challenge for designers and manufacturers. Today the quest turned individuality when setting up in a must.

You can easily convert the image of your own home by modern decorated the wall design and pick up new ideas and colors. In addition to the modern design can be also traditionellе and classic wallpaper in use. Here we have collected 13 inspirational ideas for wall decoration with patterned wallpaper for real connoisseurs.

Wall decoration with patterned wallpaper

murals wallpaper behind the bed

Focal point. Think about whether you want to look at the wallpaper throughout the night? To avoid boredom, apply the desired wallpaper to a single wall behind your bed.

Fully packed

wall decoration flower wallpaper behind the book shelf

Dress your walls by putting flowers in the room. The design with wallpaper behind the book shelves gives room coziness and style.

Victorian style

murals wallpaper of Victorian style wood Dresser plants

Deeply embossed Lankrusta bring wallpaper colour without colour.

Focus group

murals wallpaper panels to the wall creating

Very creative, you can design the wallpapers in sheets like a work of art.

Literary accent

Literary murals decorating

What author which book you have or like particularly? Use your favorite work leaves your face to make creative!

Geometric appearance

wall decoration with patterned wallpaper geometry In the hallway

Such pattern is especially suitable for the floor.

Examine the map

mural map shapes window light earth tones

Here, you can bring a mix of desired maps in use.

Dancing shadows

wall decoration with patterned wallpaper wallpaper figures in use on the market animals jungleEin very good tip for the nursery is the use of cut shadow images.

Inner decoration

wall decoration with patterned wallpaper parts In the Cabinet building-cutleryDer Cabinet or the box can make very interesting with wallpaper pieces.

The fireplace

murals wallpaper above the fireplace

The design of the wall above the fireplace brings the trophy to the center of the room.

You can choose furniture and wallpaper to hand in hand

wall decoration with patterned wallpaper design furniture style

Type the word your furniture!

The ceiling wallpaper

wall decoration of the ceiling wallpaper

Wallpapers are suitable not only for walls, if you have imagination.

The Grünhaus effect

wall decoration Grün house effect white wall decoration

The old-fashioned wallpaper can bring home the freshness of spring.

Get new inspiration through your wall decoration and give a piece of nature and mood is every day…