Wallpaper Will Let The Space Of Unique Appearance With Pattern

wallpaper pattern living room floral motifs sofa cushion

Successfully integrate wallpaper pattern into a modern house design

Before we begin, every man for himself should please answer the provocative question: in what context do you think wallpaper with pattern would sign up? We prefer to answer it: it depends on the version of the pattern. You can find something for any bedroom, that in the specific context nice and fit can look.

de gournay wall wallpaper in the living room with fresh patterns

wallpaper pattern de gournay wall wallpaper

Pattern in English style in the bedroom

wallpaper pattern English style flower

Girly with large patterns in a retro-style

Design a nursery? Or do you want a retro style in which you feel like a romantic lady from earlier times, where there are many princesses? Then, you choose any pattern that somewhat old-fashioned, but after all, chic look. So the whole thing looks beautiful and fit, like the complete interior in line with this should be.

Vintage wallpaper that plain space

wallpaper pattern Floral Frisch Vintage

Very gentle patterns in a modern context

You can also completely traditional and simple pattern, modern look. It should run smaller than is usual and in a modern nuance this. The shading in the background should work also right currently.

Wallpaper with modern patterns

wallpaper with Graham Brown design Fawaz relational patterns pattern

One or two-coloured wallpaper with relief patterns

This solution is also very nice and interesting. Moreover, it is very convenient. Because she would be able to conceal the inequalities of a wall. You can equip the ambience with patterned textiles.

Wallpaper patterns in an English style

This solution is very well placed for the traditional ambience of demanding houses. So it works very well, it should cover most all four walls. Also, it would be appropriate to that combine the whole thing with real living patterns.

A fresh wallpaper but never intrusive acting

wallpaper pattern floral motifs walls figures


If you use Classic on wall-paper with patterns, highest caution is called for. The whole thing must but not uptight work while restrained. Bring a great colour, however discreet acting, more life in the space.

You could combine wallpaper patterns with other patterns in the Interior

wallpaper pattern bedroom Cathy Kincaid

Elegant pattern in black and purple

wallpaper pattern Dresser of round mirror

Minimalism with patterned wallpaper?

Yes, this is possible. However, you must use the wallpaper as accent. In addition, the sample should show the same shade as the background. You would have to look like a slight, barely noticeable relief.

Shabby Chic

If you want to experience flowers in all their glory on your patterned wallpaper, then you should choose chic style shabby. But they must necessarily be combined with furniture and maybe even textures of the same style so that the whole is not somehow grotesque acts. Also keeps thus clearly a female appearance in the room. You must the question arise before, if this in fact does meet your needs.

Bring some color into the Interior!

wallpaper pattern Shabby chic design

Thibaut wallpaper in the bedroom

wallpaper pattern bedroom English style Thibaut

What about Provence-style?

Patterned wallpaper in the style of Provence are also a beautiful thing. You would register by the way very nice in a bedroom. Patterned wallpaper with a very subtle background such choice would be for example in pink.

Create a stylish ambience by choosing a wallpaper in the Provence style

wallpaper bedroom Provence wallpaper pattern

Boho – style – a cool decision

The patterned wallpaper in boho style are not just bold. You are first and foremost really sensual. That’s why they are wonderful to also use in a bedroom.

Will a wallpaper in the boho fit style of your wall?

wallpaper pattern boho style wall decoration

One important conclusion so what can?

Bottom line, we mean to have proven that the patterned wallpaper write in almost any style. So, if you like this idea, you not do without it. At the same time you can say but that there are no restrictions at all. Patterned wall-papers are usually bad for an eclectic solutions. You would rather choose a style and adhere to this. So we have an appealing, but also binding solution to do.

Blenheim celadon wallpaper in combination with white carpet

Blenheim celadon wall wallpaper Blenheim jewel curtain


wallpaper pattern Chinoiserie living room

Ellie Cashman’s floral pattern

wallpaper pattern Ellie Cashman design

It has fresh combined the colors so that a unique ambience is created

wallpaper pattern floral elements purple shades

Coloured patterns and furniture in stark shades

wallpaper living room pink Chair green Dresser

Bring nature to the wall

wallpaper pattern floral elements green

The wallpaper pattern great corresponds with the bed linen

wallpaper bedroom of floral pattern bed cover