Minimalist Living – 54 Furnishing Ideas For Simple Cosiness

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Clean shapes and lines, smooth surfaces, bright, unobtrusive colors… Do you recognize this style of furnishing? Certainly! Of course, it’s about minimalism! Fewer pieces of furniture and simple d├ęcor can also create a cozy ambience: with fewer pieces of furniture and a more discreet decor, rooms undoubtedly look more spacious and inviting… Do you also want to live minimalist? Then read on and enjoy the next coming ideas!

Living in a minimalist style and enjoying the natural cosiness

minimalist living elegant living room furniture fireplace beautiful carpet

The minimalist furnishing style as a philosophy of life

Living in a minimalistic way is actually a whole philosophy of life. We all know the motto of the minimalists: less is more! This attitude to life has long been tried to integrate into the interior design. And very successful! Because this style of decor helps to free us from all unnecessary objects.

Tidying up properly proves to be a real art! Just the functional design is capitalized in minimalism. Simplicity is another keyword in this style of furnishing. Not only small rooms are set up as concise and functional as possible. Even spacious rooms are designed with little furniture, but nevertheless provide for functionality. For example, the technology can be integrated into practical shelving and cabinets so that living rooms and kitchens serve functionality rather than the beautiful design!

Put unexpected accents in the minimalist living room

minimalist living cozy living room decorating

Very simple living room furniture fascinates with its unique elegance

What is a minimalist interior design?

Natural materials are especially popular with the minimalist decor. But it is not just about furniture, but also about wall coverings and floor coverings made of natural materials. That’s why rustic wood can be seen in many minimalist interiors, as well as a floor made of natural materials.

Minimalist interior designs are often spiced up with colorful pieces of furniture with a fancy design. Sometimes you just do not need anything more than a special armchair in crass color, which offers comfort and at the same time caused a sensation… Because one attaches great importance to practical furniture design, many pieces of furniture are large pieces of furniture that offer plenty of seating or extra storage space and At the same time, of course, save space. So, huge sofas make the living room more elegant and comfortable, while plain open wall shelves can accommodate different items.

The color palette in minimalist interiors is not very rich. White, black and gray are preferred because optical harmony is highly desirable!

In minimalist interiors you do without too much decoration. Wherever she appears, she is quite simple and inconspicuous. In modern minimalist kitchens, for example, handles are dispensed with. But the carpet in the living room is a must!

Modern wooden furniture enhances the minimalist interior

minimalist living wood furniture wooden flooring

The wardrobe does not always have to be traditional…

You can live minimalist on both a small and a large area. But open plans are well suited for putting beautiful minimalist interior design ideas into action. If you are also a lover of minimalist living style, then let yourself be inspired by the following examples!

White and gray are a popular color duo in the minimalist living area

minimalist living cream furniture yellow accents

As little furniture as possible, because these do not burden the device

minimalist living elegant corner sofa yellow armchair

A large living room sofa is a good investment

minimalist living colored sofa gray carpet

Brilliant accents and emphasize the minimalist style

minimalistic living color contrast black red

Bring quite simple patterns into the bedroom

minimalist living cozy bedroom plaid bedding
minimalist living fresh home decor light wood furniture
minimalist living cozy home decor big window soft carpet
minimalist living green sofa green carpet open plan
minimalist living bright colors living room furnishing stylish carpet

A bright and spacious ambience invites you to linger a while…

minimalist living bright living room furniture modern lighting
minimalist living comfortable bedroom natural flair
minimalist living small living room gray sofa open plan
minimalist kitchen minimalist kitchen black kitchen back wall white kitchen cabinets
minimalist living minimalist kitchen white kitchen cabinets

Not a single superfluous piece of furniture is desired!

minimalist living minimalist apartment functionality order
minimalist living minimalist flat black white
minimalist live black linen plants
minimalist living minimalist dining area large dining room spacious
minimalist living minimalist bathroom gray wall paint

Gray and white go very well in the minimalist bedroom

minimalist living minimalist bedroom white linen gray accent wall
minimalist living minimalist living room round coffee table modern stool
minimalist live minimalist open plan
minimalist living modern small kitchen
minimalist living modern kitchen colored accents

Minimalist kitchens are very functional

minimalist living modern kitchen beautiful dining area
minimalist living modern living area fancy coffee table
minimalist living modern living area green living wall fresh and spacious
minimalist living modern living room setting up natural colors
Minimalist Living Modern Bedroom Hanging Lamps Dark Carpet

Transparent curtains and light wooden floors leave an airy sense of space

minimalist living natural colors beautiful ceiling
minimalist living nature-colored blue armchair
Minimalist Living Open plan Striped carpet Modern dining area
minimalist living simple bedroom furniture earthy colors
living in a minimalistic way beautiful decorating ideas create comfort

Colored furniture captivates the view!

minimalist living beautiful living ideas yellow chairs
living minimalist beautiful living room furniture
minimalist living beautiful living room cozy colors dark pieces of furniture
minimalist living beautiful living room open plan living room panoramic view
minimalist living black kitchen cabinets fancy flooring

Spectacular dining area in white and black

minimalist living black furniture white walls
minimalist living stylish living room furniture leather sofa fireplace
minimalist living white kitchen beautiful seating
minimalist living small dining area white furniture light flooring fresh and inviting
minimalist living white walls red armchair white corner sofa

White interior designs always fascinate!

minimalist living white dining room modern lighting
minimalist living white living room modern lighting black accents
minimalist living living ideas bedroom creative cozy
minimalist living living room living room blue furniture modern LED lighting
minimalist living living ideas living room yellow wall

An accent wall in orange? Why not?!

minimalist living living room orange accent wall cozy

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