10 Ombre Style Furniture Ideas – Daring Bright Tones

Editor   July 8, 2013   Comments Off on 10 Ombre Style Furniture Ideas – Daring Bright Tones

ombre style furniture ideas great colors

10 ombre style furniture ideas – daring bright tones

Since last year, the interest on the ombre growing style. It is more a process than a pattern composition. This style is repeated immersion of clothing in color. By shorter intervals during the repetition, creating a striking color gradient in the end. The fashionable trend has made the leap from the clothing to the Interior and furniture design. This happened mainly thanks to the DIY movement and some progressive product and furniture designers, who were willing to experiment with colors and techniques. Today the selection of Collins includes everything from couch, desk and chest of drawers to decorative chandeliers and beautiful spindle Bank furniture. The ombre style very inspiring is applicable for almost everything. Pieces of furniture with ombre look again and again become the topic of conversation and give more freshness and a new and interesting look to the living area…

Desk ombre style of vintage revival

ombre style furniture ideas apricots Farbener desk

Ombre aprikosenfarbene chest of drawers from IKEA LiveT HEMMA

ombre furniture ideas Handgemache Dresser

Handmade decorative chandelier by Adaura

ombre style furniture ideas blue green chandelier

Ombre seat of anthropology

ombre style furniture ideas seat in blue and yellow

Ombre Red Chair by nine design

ombre furniture ideas of elegant blue Chair

Ombre couch by Atelier Biagetti

ombre style furniture ideas Styliche couch in beige and yellow

Ombre Dresser via Norske Interior

ombre furniture ideas dresser in great green shades

Ombre radiator by wary Meyers decorative arts

ombre style furniture ideas heating in Orange and yellow

Ombre pleated sideboard by Anne Boenisch

ombre style furniture ideas great pleated sideboard

Victor armchair by Gilles Nouailhac

ombre style furniture ideas Victor Chair in Metalik dark shades

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