15 Sofa Bed Ideas – Beautiful And Comfortable Made!

You are just looking for a beautiful sofa?

There is wide debate as to whether sleeping on a sofa has a positive or negative impact on health and is comfortable. It is generally better thought that one is sleeping on a regular bed. But also another opinion prevails with the ever-shrinking dimensions of the apartments. The sofa you can to – and fold out, it can serve different functions and established other options to all in many small apartments as matching in comparison.

First, the quality of the mattresses and top mattresses, which you can find on the market, is particularly important.  In addition, contemporary sofa models are really much more appealing and serve as great accents in the interior design.

In advance, we say our opinion on the question at the beginning: you can sleep wonderfully on a sofa. But this piece of furniture must meet some criteria so that it is comfortable and long serves.

Find the right sofa for your ambience!

sofa bed leather upholstered furniture modern design living room furniture

Properly maintain the sofa

Much dust accumulates on sofa. Also, they used also for other purposes, which makes it of course even more dirty. For this reason, it is very important to maintain the sofa regularly. So you have a peaceful night’s sleep and the fabrics look fresh for longer.

Choose the right mattress

The regular use of sofa beds may not be without additional mattresses. Those who are integrated are rather intended to sit. Too soft the most people to sleep they are firstly and in addition you are used in regular use. You lose quality and are very bad for your back. Choose a matching top mattress, or maybe more if the sofa is used by different people. That keeps the piece of furniture, including cleaner and fixed.

The sofa bed count above all ergonomics and design

sofa bed leather upholstery seating furniture modern living room ideas

The investment must comply with the use

The investment in a sofa can be large or small. It depends on how much it is used and for what purposes. If you sleep really the whole time, then a better quality would be appropriate. The high quality of the mechanisms is very important. If you occasionally use the sofa-but, and not every night, always fold it out, then you can do more with a simpler model.

15 sofa as recommendations our editorial staff:

Box-spring-sofa bed “Somerset” in light grey

somerset light grey sofa bed boxspring

Corner sofa “Vida” in green and white

sofa bed corner sofa vida green white sofa

The sofa “Denise” in black and anthracite

sofa bed leather upholstery black grey sofa denise

“Mia” in White leather sofa

sofa bed leather white sofa mia

Stylish two-seater with spring

posa sofa bed furniture systems two-seater spring

“Eidos” sofa in mustard

sleep sofa restyl stilly eidos sofa yellow

“Anteo” faux leather sofa bed

anteo leatherette sofa bed sofa white mattress

Grey upholstered sofa in light grey at Westwing

sofa bed sofa bed grey westwing

Sofa “Cassia”

cassia leatherette sofa white interior

Elegant sofa – brown leather

sofa bed sofa bed futon leather brown

Sofa bed “Monet” in solid wood with IDF design

sofa bed sofa bed guest bed monet sofa solid wood idf design

Minimalist “Katana” in anthracite

sofa katana anthracite fabric grey

Small two-seater with LED backlighting

led unterbeleuchtung upholstered furniture sofa bed sofa brown

“Frauke” bed sofa rattan

sofa rattan frauke sofa bed

Rustic sofa “Tegernsee”

sofa bed sofa tegernsee furniture short