17 Seat Furniture Classics By B & B Italia

Get to know the timeless seating furniture by B & B Italia!

The slogan by B & B Italia was “Furniture, which move with the times” – for almost forty years. Much better one could hardly express it. Since its inception in 1966, this trendy furniture manufacturer plays an important role not only in the Italian design, but he is a synonym for quality and stylish, timeless elegance at international level. Even at first glance, the Collections exhibit refined profiles with contemporary flair by B & B Italia. The company used also much emphasis on research and development. In a fruitful cooperation with experienced international designers are always newer and more modern creations that are a perfect combination of creativity, innovation and technical know-how.

In terms of seating or upholstery, more specifically the popular Italian company has been always very front. So, for example, the use of cold-foamed polyurethane is an innovative technology that has revolutionized the whole production of upholstered furniture worldwide. In addition, B & B Italia granted 10-year warranty on all furniture frames. These consist of specially processed stainless steel of quality. Generally all other substances and materials used in the furniture manufacture in the company are high-quality and long-lasting. Leather and wood come exclusively from sustainable cultivation and ecological animal husbandry from the EU countries, which ensures an additional guarantee for environmental and ethical responsibility.

The seat furniture by B & B Italia are timeless and elegant

sitzmobel b b italia sofas occasional tables coffee tables

In the course of time, renowned designers have designed numerous master pieces for B & B Italia. Most of them are considered cult furniture and design classics with an unmistakable charm and high recognition value. Our very popular favorite among them is without a doubt the sofa “Tufty time” by Patricia Urquiola, designed by the talented Spanish designer in 2005.

This piece of furniture looks so cozy and at the same time incredibly trendy, that you “want to let yourself fall it just immediately”.

Sophisticated design and simple profiles

sitzmobel b b italia furniture leather sofa coffee tables

Enjoy this high class of ‘Made in Italy’ seating and find also your own favorites by B & B Italia.

Here also the 17 seats are classics from B & B Italia:

1966: “Coronado” by AFRA and Tobia Scarpa

seating b b italia coronado afra and Roozbeh scarpa

1967: “Lombrico” by Marco Zanuso

seating b b italia lombrico

1969: The series up by Gaetano Pesce

seating b b italia series of up Chair gaetano pesce

1972: “Le Bambole” by Mairo Bellini

seating b b italia le bambole mario bellini

1979: Diesis by Antonio Citterio and Paolo Nava

seating b b italia diesis sofa antonio citterio paolo nava

1986: City by Antonio Citterio

seating b b italia sity antonio citterio

1995: “Harry” by Antonio Citterio

seating b b aitalia harry sofa antonio citterio

1997: Charles by Antonio Citterio

seating b b italia sofa charles antonio citterio

2001: “landscape” by Jeffrey Bernett

seating b b italia chaise longue landscape jeffrey bernett

2003: “Mart” by Antonio Citterio

seating furniture Chair mart antonio citterio

2005: “Tufty time” by Patricia Urquiola

seating furniture italia sofa tufty time patricia urquiola

2007: “canasta” by Patricia Urquiola

seating b b italia outdoorsofa canasta patricia urquiola

2007: “Moon system” by Zaha Hadid

b b italia sofa seating zaha hadid moon system

2009: “Grande Papilio” by Naoto Fukasawa

seating b b italia grande papilio naoto fukasawa

2010: “Ray” by Antonio Citterio

seating b b italia sofa antonio citterio ray

2010: “bend” by Patricia Urquiola

seating b b italia bend sofa patricia urquiola

2014: Husk sofa by Patricia Urquiola

b b italia husk sofa seating