45 Interior Design Ideas For Chest Of Drawers With Mirror

Dresser mirror wardrobe Chair

Strengthen the effect of designer solutions in the space by dressers with mirrors

Do you want some furniture in your room vanish? You can do this in different ways. You can execute them for example in the same color as the wall. Still, some pieces can to – or be folded out.

But there are also skilled solutions. You can go actually a step further. If you choose a dresser with mirror surface, they will let them not only in the area practically disappear. It is itself transparent look, but increase the effect of the remaining Interior.

You must ensure that there is also the dressers with mirrors of different styles. Because not all solutions are universal in spite of the transparent character. Will we look at the various examples.

Simple chest of drawers with mirror for the living room

Dresser flower vase mirror wardrobe themed

The first two chests belong with mirror, which we want to show you today, usually in the living room. They have a characteristic facilities and have the effect of accessories in the room. In the first case, you have this by the decorations on the sides and in the second – on the black line between the shelves. So they become noticeable. At the same time, they seem to disappear in the room. Because they appear as a projection of the noble facilities to which they are.

Chest of drawers under the TV times differently

Dresser credenza TV mirror wardrobe zebra striped

If you would, choose run a dresser with mirror surface, then everything will be different. This room gets a special character by the bold patterns, the plants and the Zebra fur.  The idea is that you can see over them never. That is why their presence is double and even triple. Because you are in this area. It appears as a showcase, in which a great idea like a jewel is issued…

This effect is achieved by the dressers with mirrors repeatedly.

But they look so good that we were tempted to show you a few examples

Dresser yellow wall mirror wardrobe wallpaper pattern flowers


Dresser fresh Spiegel wardrobe ergonomic

Great and classically designed

chest of drawers sideboard mirror wardrobe reflect

Brick wall creates a natural atmosphere

Dresser mirror wardrobe wall panel

Worn design

chest of drawers with mirror, wardrobe worn

Dressing room with mirrors

dresser with mirror wardrobe dressing room indirect light

Beige shades

Dresser beige mirror wardrobe attractive

Gray wall color is the accent here

Dresser Chair mirror wardrobe linen

Round wall mirror, the mirror frame reminiscent of the Sun

dresser with mirror wardrobe pattern

White K0mmode with mirrored facade

dresser with mirror closet flooring

Reliefed structure

chest of drawers beige ambience mirror wardrobe Ladies visually artful

Round figures

Dresser mirror wardrobe effect

Chest of drawers and bedside table at the same time

Dresser tulips white mirror wardrobe elegant design

Horizontal stripes on a wall Dresser candles stand mirror wardrobe corridor

Broken pieces of mirror

sideboard mirror wardrobe surfaces broken

Designer furnishing solution

Dresser mirror wardrobe painting

Diamond-shaped pattern

Dresser deer mirror wardrobe wood light

Modular ordered pieces of mirror

Dresser mirror closet idea

Night table in the same style

chest of drawers bedroom wall mirror closet light

Rattan beds are a topic that we have already developed

Dresser ornaments mirror wardrobe lamp foot turquoise

Day bed in the aesthetic ladies room

COMMODE bed purple mirror wardrobe bed bed

Wavy front of chest of drawers

sideboard with mirror wardrobe lines

Splendid reflection of the pink carpetdresser with mirror wardrobe pink design

Small chest of drawers with Rhombuses

white mirror wardrobe diamond shapes

Transparent Akrylstuhl as a neutral addition to the dressing table with mirror

round wardrobe dresser with mirror drawers

Small nightstand with three drawers upholstered headboard mirror wardrobe bedroom nightstand

Feminine, elegant ambiance

wardrobe dressing table chest of drawers mirror


dresser with mirror wardrobe jewellery stand

Chest of drawers decorated with beads

Dresser flowers mirror wardrobe drawers handle

Metallic surface, which also reflects

wardrobe drawers dresser with mirror

Bed linen with Oriental patterns

chest of drawers wardrobe black dark

Armchair in white on both sides of the chest of drawers

Dresser mirror wardrobe Chair

Classical Dresser on legs Dresser colorful colors mirror closet carpet

In the modern home

chest of drawers window mirror closet carpet

Neatly arranged hallway corner Dresser mirror Sun frame wardrobe vases wall decoration

Dressing room with style set up set mirror wardrobe white wood

Mirror plate Dresser mirror wardrobe houseplants