5 Wonderful Designer Chairs From The Middle Of The Century

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designer chairs egg Chair by Arne JacobsenIconic designer chairs – great pieces of furniture from the middle of the century

Today we present you five unique designer chairs, which are considered icons under the furniture. As you already know, functionality and design are two main aspects of the interior design. The chairs are something which can contribute to the highlighting of the two.

You can completely change the aura and the vibration of the room by a simple conversion

designer great chairs elegant Cherner at the dining table

The Navy of designer chairs is a tasteful accent on the light grey background

designer chairs grey and dark blue

The supple shapes and warm light give the room more peace and comfort

designer great chairs dark parquet with a coarse grain

Chair in black and white looks very elegant of Mademoiselle

designer chairs Mademoiselle Chair

A harmonious contrast in the living room

designer chairs and carpet with Chevron pattern

Hardly I can imagine a more and more pleasing design than this and the five chairs here.

Narrow winding wobbly Chair

Accent chairs you can create personality always a touch. You can see the designer pieces by Frank Gehry in 1972. You look beautiful in any contemporary room.

The wobbly chair quite quickly becomes the catcher

great chairs wiggle Chair designer

He seems very natural and harmonious with its sweeping curves

designer chairs wiggle Chair from light wood desk

Very original and artistic

designer chairs of Künstlerischers interior

Striking and discreet at the same time

designer chairs King-size bed with white headboard made of leather

Fits perfectly

designer great chairs wiggle Chair in beige

The wobbly Chair can also easily become stool

designer chairs of wavy stool

Paulistano upholstered Chair

The piece below by the architect of Paulo Mendes da was created in 1957 Rocha.

The Paulistano provides a stylish and stoic appearance in the room

designer chairs Durschichtiger coffee table in red

The warm shade of leather of the chairs and the lime of the sofa – a solid combination

designer chairs Paulistano Chair and Togo sofa

Colorful poster and panorama window

designer great chairs and Noguchi table

Original coffee table made of glass and spring branches

designer Paulistano Chair from steel and black leather

Dark grey and warm accents in Orange and terracotta

designer chairs of comfortable Paulistano In the bedroom

Retro chairs and armchairs with stunning views

designer chairs Paulistano Chair in dark brown

Leather, wood and soft padding in cream

designer great chairs and modular sofa

Minimalist Cherner Chair

Within the modern apartments, which are full of metal and glass, wood is a wonderful addition to any interior

designer chairs minimalist of Cherner chairs

Also see kids version Cherner chairs

designer chairs for children Cherner

Walnut wood with large grain – particularly stylish and elegant

designer great chairs Cherner from Walnut

Crystal chandeliers and warm wood tones

designer chairs vintage rough dining table

Vintage wall clock and Cherner upholstered in light grey

designer chairs eclectic cuisine

Traditionally in white with black accents

designer chairs Cherner in black and metal legs

Divine fabrics by cartel Mademoiselle

This is a contemporary solution which will however bring you back in time.

Floral pattern – colorful and refreshing

designer chairs Mademoiselle colored with floral patterns

The Mademoiselle chairs are the undisputed eye-catchers in the room

designer chairs with Missoni textiles

Very fitting and elegant even in the workplace

designer chairs of colorful Home Office workplace

A floral Festival of colours

designer great chairs colorful and transparent with oval back

High quality textures and neutral colors

designer chairs with extra wood countertop kitchen island

The zig-zag introduces more dynamism in the Interior carpet

designer great chairs of elegant dining table in dark wood

Jens Risom Chair

Do you know how much waste left after the second world war? Here one has used Birch and parachutes, to produce such a Chair.

Environmentally friendly and elegant in black

designer woven chairs and modern Jens Risom chairs

Eclectic and artistic

designer Jens Risom chairs chairs in grey

The Risom chairs combined with the Eames wall clock

designer chairs Hochfloriger carpet in white Risom chairs in black

Very functional and comfortable Scandinavian-style

designer chairs coral couch and Schrankfronte from light wood

Nordic elegance made of cedar wood

designer chairs of round figure carpet open beams

Modern minimalism with style

designer chairs of chic Jens Risom Chair in red

Would you place it also for a designer solution from the middle of the 20th century at home? The designer chairs above would be appropriate for each apartment, I find.

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