50s Furniture For A Lovely Retro Ambience With Style

In the 1950s, optimism and futurism prevailed. This attitude and art movement were also felt in the interior setting.

Everything in the design was the new one. We looked at things that were coming to us. People wanted to show their backs to the past. The company wanted to enjoy an absolutely new and much better life than before.

All living areas were subordinated to this development. Innovations dominated the world of cars, houses, furniture, utensils. The changes were radical and happened much faster than in the past epochs.

Bright colors were also quite popular

50s furniture yellow armchair

Everything had to be rediscovered and renewed

Furniture made in the 1950s brought this rapid development to the fore in the form of flexibility. They show light, flowing lines. Only in this way did they meet the needs of modern man.

Feet turned outwards

Look closely at the feet of the 1950s furniture.

They are always turned outwards. They are a distinctive feature of this style.

The furniture feet symbolize the typical striving to the front

50s furniture blue armchair sofas modern interpretation

The time of exaggeration

The 1950s were a time of exaggeration. This is probably very much connected with the incessant need to make progress. They only wanted to produce more and more.

The real practical need has further enhanced this process. After World War II, people wanted to rebuild the world economy as quickly as possible.

Round, metal barstools were particularly popular in the kitchens

50s 50s kitchen furniture blue white round metal barstool

The advertising

To make real economic progress, consumers also had to buy more. At this time, advertising gained as much importance as never before. You had to make ordinary people spend more money. Consumers have been helped to buy both larger and smaller items for the household in larger quantities.

The development of a Coca Cola product for babies probably happened at that time.

Simple style

Mass production brought with it a simple, almost simple style. It is typical for the 50s furniture. The many geometric forms can be explained by the futuristic trend.

The gentle natural forms are almost completely absent

50s furniture sofa armchair upholstered marked knoll

Decoration with rural elements

The deco offers a balance to the sober style of the 1950s furniture. Graphics and images from this period include many natural elements.

Rustic ornaments and pink accents were preferred by many housewives

50s furniture kitchen furniture pink ornaments

Transition from neutral to bold colors

At the beginning of the fifties the neutral colors dominate the interior. This changes over time. At the end of the decade the harsh nuances prevail. As we all know, they experience a total flowering at the turn of the 60s. Red and yellow are particularly popular. Pink and turquoise also. Black is widely used. It makes the interior furnishings look even more distinctive.
In the 1950s many new materials, such as Resopal, were used. The current trends have mostly arisen in the USA and spread rapidly around the world.

Orange and apple green are other shades that are also found in retro-furniture today

50s furniture living room ideas upholstered seat furniture

This charming cocktail chair in retro style we have at www.modestfurniture.com found

50s furniture cocktail chairs leather orange modestfurniture

Chic 1950s furniture reinterpreted by IKEA

50s furniture ikea design modern interpretation

Even the TV at that time as a piece of furniture looked out

50s furniture retro tv

The bowlamp is a compulsory addition to a retro sofa

50s retro leather sofa suite blue beige

Simple retro wooden furniture and open brick wall for a harmonious contrast

50s furniture pattern sofa armchair stool open brick wall

Noble 50s furnishing for your home office

50s furniture desk chair authentic

You will find the furniture you are looking for

50s furniture armchair furniture items

50s furniture are also perfect for the purists between you

50s furniture living room furniture armchair round stool

Flower patterns are among the most popular in retro style

50s furniture armchair footstool pink flower pattern