88 Seats In Amazement

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Fancy bench seats – 88 seating with unique design

The look of a city is characterized by its buildings and streets. Fancy designs and unusual shapes make a strong impression and remain long in the memory. Natural and beautiful parks are also a part of the entire city look. In our today’s article we want to illustrate that benches also contribute to an attractive city vision. See this 88 extravagant benches simply and see for yourself!

Benches – impressive City Bank with the form of a book

benches book design paris

Worldwide city benches fascinate with fancy designs. Famous cities offer excellent recreation parks out of the well known places of interest. Futuristic and fun city benches there tie the look. Some leave us even without saying a Word and become a real attraction…

Benches, which create a nice optical illusion

bench ausgefallens design riva Croatia

benches Kiev ukraine

City banks, which differ from the traditional designs, turn into real eye-catcher for tourists as well as for city dwellers. All the banks in our gallery have a non-standard form, which turns them into a kind of sculptures which embellish the city. You feel somehow invited to sit and take a break. A large part of this city benches are also particularly functional, because they provide additional extras, such as battery charger and Internet.

Sustainable design with the shape of a fish

bench sustainable design wood United kornigreich

A cool elastic seat

benches creative design elastic benches

Fancy heart Bank

bench design city bench heart chisinau Moldova

Creative bench, which makes the city a better place

bench design colored al_a

Such extravagant city benches give the city charm by them revitalize their streets and define comfortable places. Some put a real smile in the face of city dwellers and visitors, others place them in amazement, and a third group promotes even communication between people. Also benches with a message are not rare to meet.

Is this not a creative idea?

bench fallen out City Bank South Korea

Bank-rock combination

bench design rock red calgary Canada

Bench and street lamp in a

bench failed City Bank barcelona Street lamp

This huge database is considered a unique sculpture

seat City Bank failed, claude of Mohsen nantes France

Bench seat-letter with a message

benches letter benches frenchay hospital in bristol england

A cosy nest in the middle of the city…

bench nest design failed City Bank

Take a look also at the rest of our be miracle values photo gallery and see how you can draw inspiration also in the big city!

Bamboo seat

bench bamboo City Bank new york

Concrete bench in Bronx

bench concrete City Bank new york botanical garden bronx

Beer bottle bank in China

bench beer bottle qingdao china

A very creative project

bench Dewsbury town Bank

Fascinating bench with statue

bench design fancy decode various materlialien klaipeda

Futuristic city bench in the Park

bench design futuristic pablo reinoso

Modern idea for outdoor seating

benches 888 brannan office building san francisco

Super modern Bank with attic

benches alleswirdgut architecture Luxembourg

This tree branches offer beautiful seating areas

benches design branches

Breathtaking City Bank with illustrations

benches unusual design of the Lion the Witch and the wardrobe book london

Combine functionality with a modern look

benches of unusual design massachusetts

Modern concept for city banks

Very simple, but so fascinating…

benches PECs Hungary Zoltán bencze szovetseg39

Sometimes you need Internet

bench batterieladegeraet internet solar Bank modern City Bank

A bench, which collects rainwater and stored

bench failed City Bank collects aufbewhrt rain

Bench attached to the tree provides beautiful recreation in nature

bench failed City Bank holland tree attached

Creative idea for a stop

benches bus stop creative design

Bench seat like a seesaw arouses the interest of big and small

benches designs swing neulhae cho

Wave-shaped seating

benches design wavy sydney Australia

Inspiring ideas on how one spends his spare time outdoors

benches stunning seaside design

Rotating seat, which itself dries

benches rotating benches dry

Combination of table and bench

benches el poeta bench seats alfredo häberli

Colored pencils as a bench seat

benches colored pencils ausgefallenes design

Large hats as protection against Sun and rain

benches large hut colored marseille France

Atypical design

benches green failed

Failed City Bank as a character

bench on which shot amersfoort holland henk visch

Handful of feet

bench unique City Bank hands feet

Rollicking stairs

benches kansas city library stairs seats

A hammock that is similar to

benches creative design hammocks like Copenhagen Denmark

Round seat

benches creative design natural plant wood

Stylish city benches

benches modern stylish city benches london

Modern design with backrest

benches creative design new york

Unbalanced design

benches funny ideas unbalanced

Funny bench shark

benches funny design bangkok

Musical design

benches creative design musical piano sheet music

This seems to be yet comfortable!

benches of paprocany lake shore redesign

Is this a failed idea of seats in the middle of the pond!

benches park in vöcklabruck Austria

Robot Bank

benches robot hillerse holland


benches typewriter benches

Doilies design

benches doilies seats new york

Just amazing!

benches-the blue carpet in newcastle england

seats the state-of-the pulse at rest garden in the resting pulse hamburg

benches Tulip design colored tulpi design

benches bench whale tail

bench bike dublin

seat flexible colored ramanbhai boloz gdynia Poland

bench mountain failed stadtbaenke

bench wooden city benches minimalist

bench shaped Liège purple times square new york

bench shark girl new york

bench hands taipei taiwan

bench ideas city benches colored funny ferry plaza, ca

bench ideas the wanderest attached to street lamp

bench ideas urban wood diy

seat jean-baptiste lebas park France

bench creative design round bruxelles

benches city portable benches london

bench creative City Bank

bench creative city benches modified new york

bench creative City Bank discussions

bench creative City Bank worapong manupipatpong

seat shiny wavy sculpture new york

seat modern design sebastien wierinck

richard Johnston's seat salt lake city

bench huge Bank city kotor montenegro

seat round City Bank london

Piano Bench beautiful city Bank budapest, andrassy ave

bench sailing Bank city benches Canada

bench turned City Bank-san francisco

seat of v-shaped City Bank Belgium

bench Swan City Bank amsterdam

bench the Lithuania sitting stone

bench unire unite Italy Rome

bench swirled modern design

bench wave chicago

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