Acrylic Coffee Table With Fabulous Sea Look

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Why is acrylic so valuable?

Acrylic glass is the material with the highest transparency at all. Even conventional glass of the highest quality can compare with it. Also weighs twice as little as normal glass acrylic glass, is much more flexible and seven times more resistant. It is therefore not surprising that many designers and artists prefer this innovative material in their products and works of art. It has also the young Romanian designer Eduard Locota chosen and created incredible. His coffee tables from the series DelMare are simply adorable and now exert an almost hypnotic effect. At least this was the case with us. It is as if one looks at the depth of the sea and cosy has dinner with him at home. Each piece of furniture is unique. 100% hand made. An artful fusion of acrylic glass and white marble. As the artist himself admits, the real beauty is often in the imperfection. Even a small stain can be sometimes additional value a work of art.

Acrylic coffee tables from the series DelMare

epoxy acrylic coffee table innovative materials sea optics

So, with much patience and attention to detail, magnificent coffee tables with sea look, providing a permanent holiday feeling in the living room arise under the hands of the artist. Rather minimalist in design as a DelMare enrols coffee table in almost any interior decor and thanks to its natural shades, you can combine it with many other colors and textures.

It is completely unnecessary to mention that this coffee table will become the ultimate Eyecatcher in every room. Who dream of than not, to have a personal piece sea in your own four walls? And you can meet the series by Eduard Locota the DelMare to almost this dream.

Azure dreams

acrylic coffee table Ocean Optics dining table of coffee table designer furniture

And that’s not all. The artist just loves the fusion. Especially when it comes to materials. You can experience this even better, if you look at his collection of lamps. Acrylic glass kisses wood on a clumsy at first glance, rough manner. This something beautiful but emerged. The lights are decorated with simplicity and uniqueness in one and can be used as floor lamps or table lamps.

For more information and inspiration you can look around on the Web page by Eduard Locota.

Have fun and be careful! There is a danger of fascination with!

Unconventional and unique

coffee table epoxy innovative design minimalist

Many hours put patience and creativity in the work process

acrylic coffee table epoxy delmare designer graduate

Skill and attention to detail in a

acrylic coffee table epoxy delmare creative graduate

High-quality white marble as the base for the coffee tables

acrylic coffee table epoxy delmare marble base

A piece of sea always have at home

acrylic coffee table epoxy innovative designer furniture delmare

acrylic coffee table of Ocean Optics designer furniture

acrylic coffee table coffee table dining table epoxy innovative materials

acrylic coffee table epoxy delmare design studio dining table

The lights of Eduard Locota – just as fascinating and unique

acrylic art coffee table epoxy floor lamp

acrylic coffee table epoxy stand light wood table lamp

acrylic coffee table epoxy lighting stand lamp table lamp

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