Arne Jacobsen Chair Design – The New Interpretation Of Well-known Furniture Designers

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Arne Jacobsen Chair Design Classics series seven

Arne Jacobsen Chair series includes designs by Zaha Hadid

There are 60 years, ever since the famous series of the seven chairs originated Jacobsen. They were created at the time Hansen the designer Fritz. In contrast to many other models, this series not on a particular occasion was created. It was, to use them in different contexts. So it worked in practice. The chairs were placed on different occasions over a long period of use.

Superb, minimalist design

Arne Jacobsen chair design minimalist industrial

The new interpretation

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary, the series has been reinterpreted by some of the most famous designers of the world. Also Zaha Hadid did participate. The other particularly famous name is Bjarke ingels. Other designers of the project are Carlos Ott & Carlos Ponce de León, Jean Nouvel, Jun Igarashi, Neri & Hu, Snøhetta. The newly interpreted Arne Jacobsen chairs were shown within an itinerant exhibition in many different places.

The design classic of the series 7

Arne Jacobsen chair design series seven

The opening took place in the design museum in Ghent on 14 July 2015.

Arne Jacobsen Chair, interpreted by Bjarke ingels Group (BIG)

This focused on the material of the Chair. In this case, the Arne Jacobsen was created Chair of multilayer veneer. The interpretation of the formal language of the original is very subtle.

The new model has over fifteen superimposed layers, a single seat and backrest

Arne Jacobsen chair design series seven new interpretation

The newly interpreted chairs can be stacked easily into each other

Arne Jacobsen Chair of design BIG

Zaha Hadid’s interpretation of the Jacobsen Chair

Arne Jacobsen Chair seven series interpretation Zaha Hadid

A dynamic and seamless expression of structure and supports saw Zaha Hadid in the original series. That brought clear them through their reinterpretation to express. The Chair base consists of a single rod. The seat shows a sculptural character that gently bends down in the middle. The material is plywood and it was painted in a super original green color. She seems pretty boldly despite the pastel shades selection of. This is because they expect even an absolutely neutral shade so a gentle management of forms of.

Fresh green fits here but perfectly

Arne Jacobsen Chair Grün Zaha Hadid design

Neri & Hu interpretation by Arne Jacobsen Chair

Arne Jacobsen chair design Neri & Hu

Neri & Hu have addressed the element of sustainability in its new interpretation. Their version is, at the same time, communication. You have converts a single into a double model.

The idea is that two persons at the same time can sit

Arne Jacobsen Chair Neri & Hu interpretation

Jun Igarashis interpretation of the Jacobsen Chair

Arne Jacobsen Chair Jun Igarashi design

Jun Igarashi saw opportunity to integrate building materials within a Möbeldesignprojektes in this project. The reference to some of his former projects is very clear here. The connection is especially clear to ‘ House M ‘ and ‘Rectangle of light’ (rectangle of light). Waste wood was used as material.

You put in the otherwise monochromatic appearance color accents on the seat and the legs

Arne Jacobsen chair design Jun Igarashi interpretation

The elegant design of Jean Nouvel in black and white

Arne Jacobsen chair design Jean Nouvel

Jean Nouvel’s interpretation of one of Arne Jacobsen chairs is for his own life’s work of fundamental importance. According to many critics is his interpretation of the chairs as a signature look at Arne Jacobsen.

The contrasts and the juxtapositions are striking for the model and for his body of work. The recognition of the prototype is easy. The original momentum of the Chair has been preserved and is now unrecognizable.

Stylish chair design by Snøhetta

Arne Jacobsen chair design Snøhetta

Snøhetta is a new interpretation of differs greatly from the designer group. It’s an outdoor Chair. It is known, that his legs can cut itself off from the main Chair.

Carlos Ott & Carlos Ponce de León

Arne Jacobsen Chair Bürostühl design Carlos Ott & Carlos Ponce De León

The upholstery covers half of the Chair in this model about. Thus the seat and also partially covered the backrest. The whole thing is designed that it particularly brings out the anatomy of the existing Chair of.

These chairs are suitable for larger spaces particularly well

Arne Jacobsen Chair Bürostühl Carlos Ott & Carlos Ponce De León

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