Attractive Designer Furniture By Sentient

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designer furniture Chair wool Icelandic

Designer furniture – sentient furniture, with long wool covered

Today we want to introduce great designer furniture by sentient. We hope that these are according to your tastes and fit perfectly in your home! It remains only, you are brave enough and want to spice up your interior design!

Attractive and modern design at the same time

designer furniture sofa wool oak

To cuddle in sofa with long wool from Icelandic Sheepskin is so seductive! While sitting in the midst of soft wool, you can in the framework of oak wood, with wool covered long think and relax. The a piece of furniture, you can hardly resist is made from wool and calibration material, you want to touch it necessarily.

The designer is wet Nersi

designer furniture sentient seats sofa

The sofa is out of calibration material (white and / or red), wool from Icelandic lamb, pocket springs, two layers of foam, one made of Dacron. And because the wool and the oak tree can contain different wealth, it is never equal to two sofas.

The recovered red and / or white calibration material has includes unique patina, the threaded holes, cracks, bites, nail holes

designer furniture sofa seat oak

The oak represents 150 – 200 year old pieces of wood and planks or barn boards.  The result is an impressive rustic look that is well suited for the contemporary apartments.

“Farsisch is Joojay” “small cheeks”, which is a fun word game for a Chair

designer furniture sentient Chair wool

Also, Joojay is the daughter of the sofa with the long wool. Also this is made from American oak and Icelandic lamb wool. And because he is the daughter piece of furniture, he has also his own jewelry in the form of thin solid brass veneers between all oak boards.

Joojey shows very contemporary because of its design and completely contemporary with its patina, a timeless design that improved over time

designer furniture Chair wool Icelandic

Created out of pocket springs, two layers of foam, one made of Dacron, will certainly that the best fit in your apartment be!

This design of Nersi is wet from the rear just as interesting, such as from the front.

designer furniture Chair sentient oak pocket spring

Therefore, you can place it in a central location in the room. You can easily combine this with the sentient sofa.

The massive brass veneers appear “S”, which is also on the sofa not only between the wooden boards, but also in the logo of sentient-

sentient furniture logo designer furniture

Michael Lamont has created the sentient sofa caribou as a sophisticated accent Chair

Michael Lamont Chair Sentien

He is made of American black walnut and sustainable Coyote fur. The fur is super soft.

Are with him, from the dunklesten to the snow-white to see black brown and white shades like grey

designer armchairs sentient Walnut wool

Constructed with American black walnut, sustainable Canadian Kojotopelz, two layers of foam, one is this Accent Chair with no other in Dacron, to compare.

The two vertical boards, representing the rear of this Chair are just fantastic

sentient Chair Walnut Accent Chair

The contrast between wood and fur emerges.

As on all other sentient furniture, is S “brass logo to see you here too It stands for sentient!

designer seats sentient Chair logo

Striking design

sentient Chair attractive designer furniture

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