Bamboo Furniture And Decoration – The Secrets Of The Bamboo Wood

bamboo decorative bamboo fence lighting

Bamboo furniture and breathtaking decoration

How often do on Freshideen or else a m Blog information about bamboo furniture, accessories, decorative facilities or S other bamboo found? Was just you know about this material and its extraction?

Today we have some useful information on put together , as well as some really exciting examples of what you can do from this.

There are approximately 1000 species this Tree all over the world. Asia and Latin America have the most bamboo forests.

More and more comes this material in usage, not only for the purposes of Interior design, but also for the construction of bridges and also in the field of renewable energies. The problem with the protection of resources is therefore all the more important.

1997, the international network for bamboo and rattan was founded (in BAR). Dessen task was to give devices for the use of these very important materials, so that we have still enough forests. Because just bamboo forests are of key importance for the production of oxygen.

Use install bamboo wood

bamboo furniture bamboo restaurant set up

What you can do from this material in addition to bamboo furniture

See this at! The manufacture of bicycles made of bamboo wood is always more common. You wonder if there’s not too many disadvantages in addition to the environmentally friendly character? No, actually in the contrary. A bicycle made of bamboo wood is much more resistant against the inequalities on the road.

Bike from bamboo

bamboo bamboo bicycle furniture

Manu and times are a young Argentinean couple who noticed this in practice on a very long trip in Latin America.

So looking for a truly eco-friendly design for everyday? Then look in your region and make out where you furniture and other objects with sustainable character can purchase bamboo.

What are the criteria that over apply , you can learn at the above mentioned Association INBAR.

Look at the inspiring photos and have fun!

Sophisticated and unique

bamboo furniture decoration coffee table

Bamboo decoration

bamboo decorative bamboo wood design ideas

Original design

bamboo decorative bamboo lamp #-decode bamboo wood designideen lamp

Bamboo table lamp

bamboo decorative bamboo wood design ideas

Bamboo lamps

bamboo decoration bamboo wood table lamp

Folding chair

bamboo furniture bamboo folding chair

Bamboo wooden lounge bed

bamboo furniture bamboo wood lounge furniture

Stylish stool bamboo furniture decoration stool beautiful

Extraordinary institutionbamboo furniture decoration stool two-tone

Rocking chairbamboo furniture decorative rocking chair

Stirring bench

bamboo furniture decorative bench design

Chair with backrest made of bamboo wood

bamboo furniture decoration chair design

Chair design

bamboo furniture decoration ideas Chair

Table base

bamboo furniture decoration table base

Unique Sunideas bamboo decoration furniture deck


ideas bamboo decorative Chair furniture

Bamboo bar stool

ideas bamboo furniture decoration bar stool

Great lighting

ideas bamboo furniture decorative lighting

Set up with bamboo wood

ideas bamboo decoration furniture stool

Cool chaise lounges

ideas bamboo decoration furniture recliner

Outdoor furniture

ideas bamboo decoration furniture Chair

Pieces of furniture made of bamboo wood

ideas bamboo decoration furniture Chair

Table design

ideas bamboo decoration furniture tabledecoration of bamboo woodideas bamboo furniture decoration table lamp

Patio design

bamboo decoration furniture bamboo


bamboo furniture decoration bamboo lighting

Different geometric shapes

bamboo furniture decoration bamboo wood stool

Lounge bed

bamboo furniture decorative bamboo wood outdoor furniture

Bamboo bedroom

bamboo furniture decorative bamboo wood bedroom

Interesting bench

bamboo furniture decoration bamboo bench

Bamboo bed

bamboo furniture decorative bed

Decorative lighting

bamboo furniture decoration lamp


bamboo decoration furniture recliner


bamboo decoration furniture lounge bed outdoor furniture

Sophisticated pendant lamp

bamboo furniture decoration pendant lamp

Unique design

bamboo decoration furniture great Chair

Crazy table

great furniture coffee table bamboo decoration

Aesthetics and functionality

great bamboo decoration furniture designer Chair

Bamboo basket

great bamboo furniture decorative basket

Beautiful chandelier

great bamboo furniture decorative chandelier

Designer furniture

great bamboo furniture decoration Chair

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