Coat Hanger Out Of Old Chairs By Nikos Tsoumanis

Editor   December 2, 2013   Comments Off on Coat Hanger Out Of Old Chairs By Nikos Tsoumanis

hangers from old chairs bicycle deck Fußbiden woodBeautiful, practical clothes rack and coat hangers from recycled Dining chairs

Wairs is a wall installation of old, recycled chairs that now are conversely hung on the wall and serve as a hanger. They give the impression that they disappear into the wall and are designed by industrial designer Nikos Tsoumanis and developed. The legs are positioned upwards so that you freely and easily hang clothes on it. On the Chair seats can be different objects (keys, wallet, and other). The fact that this construction consists of old, used chairs, makes them look exceptional and unique.

Be brave and think unconventionally – select a work of art for your own home, that is ergonomic and attractive at the same time. You also know it today putting an emphasis on recycled items.

Coat hanger made of old chairs in three colors available – Brown, beige, white

hangers from old chairs brown beige white

On the seats it can be anything – keys, wallets

hangers off old chairs Brown lacquered wallet recycled key

hangers from old chairs bike legs fixed chair legs on the wall – hanger

An extravagantly landscaped corridor, where they kept the bike

hangers off old chairs bicycle reused corridor

The practical use of these original installations

hangers from old chairs metal hanging rack

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