Cool Designer Coffee Tables By Glas Italia – Attractive Collection Of Coffee Tables

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trinket coffee table stained glass design Glas Italia

Cool designer coffee tables by Glas Italia – attractive collection of coffee tables

The authors of this Web site belong to the people who look at the world through pink red glasses. We know also varied methods to accomplish this. To use but also pink red glass, design of furniture. In this context we want to introduce a table of red and pink painted glass.

“XX” is the name of the piece of furniture and the plates that make it up, make double exactly these letters. On the surface of the two xs is based per a plate made of pure glass. Especially in front of a white background, this piece looks ultra-modern. The broadcast of this piece can be described as bold femininity. She would sign up best in the House in the Kate Shade rooms or in the funky apartment of designer Soho in the West Village.

Brightly coloured glass top

table top stained glass design coffee table glass Italia

The configuration of straight surfaces makes several 45deg corners and you have so much storage space available. Art books or magazines from glossy paper would look like an accessory to this table.

How you imagine rather this piece? We believe that’s how easy empty or with a vase that can look just as good with reading materials. But in both cases it is the best trends on the market, or?

Round large coffee table beautify every interior design

cool designer coffee tables modern innovative

Designer exhibition of the coffee tables

cool coffee table design colored glass Italia

Extended multi colored striped glass table

cool designer coffee tables stripes stained glass

See more original, innovative coffee and coffee tables by Glas Italia

cool coffee table designs collection refined black white red

Low glass table – multi colored striped surfaces

cool designer coffee tables stained glass idea low

Factual table designs – round table tops and table bases

cool designer coffee tables three variants

Transparent table designs from Glas Italia

cool designer coffee tables Durchischtig weird

Glamorous black table top – dramatic ambiencecool designer coffee tables extravagant forms

Modular Nebentische, glass, with geometric shapes

cool designer coffee tables Glas Italia original geometric shapes

Light and dark green tables of a collection – Glas Italia

cool designer coffee tables green pedestal table top Dunkel and Hell

Small coffee tables on legs

cool designer coffee tables idea round tabletop

Room with rough concrete walls, where the designer tables

extravagant Glas Italia Coffee table idea design concrete walls

Small friendly Nebentische

cool designer coffee tables small table designtransparent acrylic tables with red tops cool designer coffee tables red table tops circular square glass tables green red square table coffee couch design glassstill a designer solution for the living room modern coffee table design red table top original

Round tabletops in yellow and blue colored

modern low coffee tables round glass blue yellow innovative

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