Cool Plants Container Table Of Emily Wettstein – Katzenfreundliches Design

cool plants container table wheat grass wood solid

Cool plants container table of Emily Wettstein – katzenfreundliches design

This beautiful table with a plant container is a theme designed by Emily Wettstein . Emily is a 25 year old designer from Brooklyn, NY and this table is the project, which has shown at the postgraduate studies in the school of architecture. The table is from reclaimed walnut and steel made with a removable tray of plants, which can hold a variety of plants, in this case of wheat grass. Your cat would like to have such table in your home! This unique and original design is really decorative and inspirational. So a nice element adds freshness to the environment and brings nature into your home. Be creative and let your imagination run free! Discover more amazing, natural furniture design ideas!

Solid walnut table and plastic plant container in the middle of the surface

cool plants container table wheatgrass lighting

This table could fit perfectly into the dining room

cool plants container table wheat grass can be disassembled

Fixed plant containers made of transparent plastic

cool plants container table wheat grass hold transparent

Would you have such artwork also at home?

cool plants container table wheat grass wood design katzenfreundliches design, extended surface and grasscool plants container table wheatgrass Katzenfreundlich