Creative Fireplace Wood Rack By Ak47 Design

designer stool backrest firewood stand camps deck

Give a piece of nature

You have already installed the wood fireplace and now you want to make sure that these logs remain hidden. The creative team from Ak47 design have a solution that not only modern but also very functional and aesthetically looks in the atmosphere. Their firewood collection is used both as a piece of furniture that is comfortable, cool and as an elegant storage system.

Creative fireplace wood rack by Ak47 design

designer fireplace wood stand camps triangular bamboo

The logs should be selected of course by hand for a better visual effect, but the design is a breath of fresh air in every home. I can only imagine it, as I was on the couch in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine and a book in the hand lie. Invaluable! Or?

Suitcase on wheels full of firewood

designer exhibition firewood storage umbrella case

Aesthetically-bearing wood – based furniture equipped with backrest

designer fireplace wood rack storage playful form smooth surface modern

Bookshelves – a gift of natureTransparent design, which serves as an exhibit

designer wood stand transparent storage shelves

Exceptional, contemporary firewood holderGeometric shapes and lines are very popular at present

designer fireplace wood stand camps beautiful

Industrially designed shelfhigh backrest

designer wood stand storage seating