Designer Chair With Rug By Agha Brzostek – Winter Heat

Editor   July 8, 2013   Comments Off on Designer Chair With Rug By Agha Brzostek – Winter Heat

designer Chair with blanket warm and soft

Designer Chair with rug by Aga Brzostek – winter heat

What must you have with security on the cold winter nights? Our opinion urgently requires chocolate, good books and many rugs. But the designer from Krakow disagrees and has invented a more skillful approach for these situations. She has designed a Chair, which combines the best accessories that radiate heat in the winter.

She has designed so one easy chair an everything in -. The convenient cover presents the most comfortable piece of furniture that can ever exist. This is true especially for the evenings, where the temperatures are extremely low, as is usually the case in Poland in winter.

For the fashion-conscious readers with style

designer Chair with rug perfect for reading

The ceiling was made of wool and covered a “winter Chair”. The designer far into the past of the fashion industry looked back to invent this creation. Most of your works are characterized by these Retrospektion. The ability to envelop a people came here wonderfully.

Do you know what is the most intelligent on this design? In the first place, it is the concept itself. But then comes a bag that was attached laterally to the Chair. Do you what it serves? If you fall asleep, you can stow your book or other object and relax comfortably for a way.

Is this idea adapted so well to the needs of the people, that one wonders how they not previously invented them? What color would you order for your kapok-tree Chair?

Perfect for the NAPs in between

designer Chair with a blanket to sleep

Simple elegance

designer Chair with rug recorded from scratch

With magazine pocket on the side

designer Chair with blanket snuggle by the page

Comfortable in every sitting position

designer Chair with rug cuddly warm

The winter can come

designer Chair with blanket very soft versatile

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