Designer Chairs – Furniture Design Without Compromise!

The shell Chair – one of the most popular design classics par excellence

If you stand on furniture design without compromise, then you should choose furniture clearly Designer. And if you just think: “Oh man, how I can it afford?”, then you’re wrong. Perfect design is not prohibitive. Quite the contrary! There are enough by way for chairs – the shell Chair, such as in terms of designer.  Namely, this was designed in the difficult post-war period as there has been lack of almost everything. That’s why was also the actual “mission” of the shell Chair, at low cost and at the same time to to remain accessible for as many people as possible to be of the highest quality. The legendary designer has designed the first shell Chair Eames couple. So, whose “Side Chair” is valid until today as the icon of all shell chairs on the market. Produced since 1950 by Vitra Eames classics and impresses today as they did with its curved lines, perfect ergonomics and a balanced mix of materials.

designer chairs eames shell chairs wood frame plastic

What materials are used in the manufacture?

Although the seat of most shell chairs consists of fibre glass (high-quality plastic), also leather and wood are preferred in some models. Base and frame are what gives a distinctive touch the whole chair design more wood and steel (steel pipe and steel wire). According to his personal taste, personal preferences and needs, you can decide then for his special chair Variant. You are more archetypal comfort, then you would choose most likely shell chairs with wooden frames and legs and the fans of the industrial style are probably more attracted by the chairs with steel elements.

designer chairs eames shell chairs design classics dining room dining table rocking chair

Extra tip for cat lovers who like designer chairs:

A shell Chair made of plastic is absolutely suitable for the cat! In contrast to those that are equipped with a mesh not suitable plastic chairs for claw sharpening and are also very scratch.

The WOW effect for your living room

Our favorite in terms of designer chairs: the shell Chair MEMPHIS by Beliani. Many online stores, such as, for example,, offer this stunning masterpiece with guaranteed WOW effect. Its heart-shaped design in high quality polypropylene is graceful and elegant. Elegant beech wood legs complete his whole profile and provide for an additional serving of comfort in the room. With its comfortable and airy backrest, the MEMPHIS Chair is a sophisticated, versatile seat affair. It is suitable as patio Chair simply excellent.

designer chairs eames shell Chair memphis beliani

As undisputed eye-catcher in every living room, makes a designer shell Chair beat the hearts of passionate design lovers and just invites everyone to the long relax or entertain. In an eclectic mix of colour, or rather monochrome situated, these icons are timeless and elegant at the same.

designer chairs eames shell chairs wood frame plastic

designer chairs of eames shell chairs plastic round dining table

designer chairs eames shell Chair white plastic wood