Designer Furniture In The DIY Style: The Charming GRAND Cabinets

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designer furniture GRAND Diy furniture Scandinavian design

Bring designer furniture, the parts of used handbags used

DIY furniture are the examples from the collection, which we now want to present to you, but not in the real sense of the word. They are designed by a designer and rest on the unusual cast of accessories. However, we have chosen the title so, because we are of the opinion, such designer can represent a real inspiration for people to pieces, that want to make original furniture at home.

GRAND designer furniture in the DIY style

GRAND designer furniture Mathieu Gustafsson Niklas Karlsson

Why just handbags?

Why do I chosen exactly the handbags for this project? This is certainly an interesting question. GRAND designer shine through to be have been inspired her character. Here, obviously not random models are selected, but only those with a special character. They are simple, elegant and appealing but in an impressive way. The materials exude a certain sensuality. The form is not too large, but brings in the temptation to think constantly about what inside so all could be well hidden.

The retro handbag as inspiration

GRAND designer furniture Cabinet DIY furniture from bags

Handbag lock

GRAND designer furniture Cabinet DIY furniture handbag lock

The couple behind the collection

Supposed to be a designer and a Carpenter specializing in the manufacture of cupboards, behind the collection. But we call them artists. We do this just after the character of their works.

GRAND designer furniture by Mathieu Gustafsson and Niklas Karlsson

GRAND designer furniture Wardrobes wardrobe DIY furniture

Their names are each Mathieu Gustafsson and Niklas Karlsson. The designer furniture from the GRAND collection should represent mainly two things. First of all, this is their own idea of the design, and, secondly, the quality that one has in one’s work to reach.

Designer cabinet with sustainable design

GRAND designer furniture Cabinet DIY furniture Scandinavian design

Individual works

All DIY furniture from this collection have their own names. The first lock and light.

Lock wardrobe has a looking lock mechanism. This is he very much and gets into the center of attention. Also, the elements which come from an old-fashioned Lady’s handbag left a lasting impression. Also the edges with sheet metal come from this. You give this otherwise so strictly minimalist acting piece a distinctive individual character.

Lock wardrobe

GRAND designer furniture DIY furniture Scandinavian design

Designer cabinet with bag closure

GRAND designer furniture DIY Cabinet Scandinavian design

Chic idea in retro style

GRAND designer furniture Cabinet DIY furniture

Practically divided

GRAND designer furniture Scandinavian design

The playful interpretation of handbags as the basis for small cabinets is used also for the other models. That gets to see is also the model of LIGHT. They provide an obvious reference to the legendary Palmgrens bags from the 60-ies. They are from a Swedish company and were thus famous, that they very successfully have combined rattan and leather.

Light designer Cabinet

GRAND designer furniture Cabinet Scandinavian design

What do handbags and furniture have in common?

GRAND designer furniture Cabinet materials DIY furniture

Components and details

GRAND designer furniture components DIY furniture Scandinavian design

He was given this idea on the GRAND DIY furniture collection in a breathtaking way and manner by you clad the walls of cabinets with rattan.

Sustainable furniture design

GRAND designer furniture detail Cabinet DIY furniture

As conclusion, one can say that GRAND is a prominent example of the manufacture of DIY furniture from placed objects. Even if this idea in this form not for everyone is available, she could serve as a great example for many designers and talented people.

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