Designer Lamps, The Light Emitting…

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rock lamp Foscarini diesel different diverse

Designer lamps – modern and elegant solution for lighting your home

Each individual designer solution is itself a unique touch to your home for themselves. That we want to inform you today – how you give your apartment something extraordinary and extravagant to some extent. It’s about great Designer lamps and chairs, that spice up the room in a unique manner. You want to spend some time to get to see this unusual interior solutions? These are the end result of the collaboration between brands diesel (in terms of the fashion action), Foscarini (in the lighting area involved) and Moroso (active in the field of furniture industry).

Cool floor lamp in white, that great inscribed in this fresh Interior

rock floor lamp white living room light green sofa diesel

Over every Chair hung a pendant lamp

designer lamps designer furniture hanging Chair diesel

Through the new designer lighting like this, you can discover the luxury in his home and enjoy. The beautiful geometric structure of crystals and minerals, which creates the nature in different and fascinating forms, has inspired the designers to create a lamp design that attracts everyone’s attention. The surface of this offbeat designer lighting is similar to so its structure and PEPs therefore the ambience on where they are located. By you own this elegant structure of natural creatures, you give the room style and uniqueness. This geometric motif is continued in a rollicking chair design.

These combined together to look gorgeous

designer lamps diesel design gold of black Chair

The Außerordentlichkeit of this Chair is based not only on their cool look, but also making sure that they are also very comfortable. Their ergonomic functionality turns them into great furniture for the interior design. In turn, this stunning surface structure in the table design is continued and supplemented.

The design of the lamp and the Chair reminiscent of rock, isn’t it? Therefore, they bear the name rock lamp and rock chair

designer lamps designer armchair geometric surface diesel Foscarini

Pendant luminaires in golden colour, approaching the rocks look

designer lamps diesel Foscarini gold geometric surface

Pendant luminaires with a wonderful Lampshade black

designer lamps diesel Foscarini lamps

If you so want to attract attention, then set to such lamps that take everyone’s attention

designer lamps diesel Foscarini lamp

Pendant lamps and floor lamp combined with the same interface

designer lamps diesel Foscarini pendant lighting kitchen island dining table

By the pendant you can accentuate certain items and areas

designer lamps diesel Foscarini black background

Floor lamp with rock structure in gold

rock floor lamp Foscarini diesel Golden lamp shade

Rock lamps

designer lamps diesel Golden pendant lamp

An example of how pendant luminaires can be a real eye catcher in the interior design

designer lamps diesel gold dining table lamp

Hanging lamp with rock structure illuminated rocks!… Interesting, Yes?

designer lamps diesel Foscarini design

Rock drop light/pendant in white

designer lamps Foscarini diesel

Black Rock floor lamp

designer lamps rock floor lamp black diesel

These floor lamps are but true works of art!

designer lamps diesel Foscarini rock down floor lamp

The cliff Chair looks not only attractive, but distinguishes itself by its convenience

designer Chair black white design diesel

Put the Chair in a matching Interior

designer Chair of fancy Chair black surface diesel

This interior design reminiscent of a natural landscape

designer armchair Foscarini diesel white black

Create a stunning contrast in the interior design, by combining white and black

designer armchair white geometric Ausgafallene hanging lamp

Pendant luminaires combine

designer lamps diesel Foscarini rock pendant lamps black geometric

Accent lighting is still attractive

designer lamps diesel Foscarini rock pendant light accent lighting

Provide for an extravagant interior design

diesel-Foscarini rock pendant lamp table table decorations

Here you can watch the rock tree of this whimsical lamps

designer lamps diesel Foscarini rock pendant light floor lamp

Each rock pendant lamp is a real decoration

designer lamps diesel Foscarini rock pendant lamp design

With rock structure combining several pendant lights

designer lamps diesel Foscarini rock pendant lamps

Floor lamps can be extremely

Desigmer lamps rock floor lamps diesel Foscarini design

Bring an extraordinary touch in your home by a cool hanging lamp

lamps diesel Foscarini rock pendants Weß

Rock pendant lights in the Office

diesel-Foscarini Rock office lighting pendant lamp

The Office looks somehow modernist

diesel-Foscarini rock pendant lamps Office

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