Designer Lighting With Energy-saving Light Bulbs By Sasan

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Pamor designer lamps Sasan power RAR end bulbs modern

Energy-efficient flower bulbs and the great designer lamps to

Recently, it has the designer Sasan awarded a design prize and we have it also in a hurry to present his work.

It is a great model of lights, which are made from blown glass. Its predecessor is called top drop, but it is already as Sasan has worked, he had Pamor 001 in the sense.

Lively garden lighting

designer lamps Sasan pendant lamps garden lighting installation

They represent an excellent and super original designers work in itself. It was not only due to their design, but also due to their energy efficiency and well known and appreciated. Pamor in the UK was first, then obtaining throughout Europe. Now light did these designers a triumphal March in the United States.

Modern sustainable design

designer lamps Sasan light bulbs pendant light cable light blue

Particularly noteworthy we find, that the Pamor designer lamps have many objections to the energy-efficient lights. Their light is super appealing. Their appearance remains very individually and not as a mass production to discard.

Up to 80% energy saving

Pamor 002 designer luminaires pendant luminaires glass

It manages thus to save energy up to 80%. Characteristic of the philosophy of the company is: when something so essential to everyday life is like the light, then it deserves appropriate attention also. Using various design techniques in the design of light bulbs, then every man for himself and his household will find something easier.

The price is very high. Actually it can be called also shocking. The bulbs cost around 30 euros. But these lights keep out 8 times longer than conventional models.

A silhouette in color

designer Sasan bulbs lighting modern pendant lights from glass colored

In the picture above you see the lights. They are colored with ink and are also transparent. You appear before us in the form of an A. Within these, you can see the strange light bulb. You can also see the light directly downwards.

Transparent structure

designer Sasan bulbs light modern pendant lights off glass

You can buy the designer lights in all three of the above colours: yellow, black, and white.

Are of the opinion, that is the purchase of such a lamp and light bulb worth? We find on Freshideen!

Designer lights Pamor 002

Original lamp shades, transparent and opaque

designer lamps Sasan modern pendant luminaires glass

Designer floor lamp

designer lamps Sasan bulbs modern

Designer pendant lamp in the work room

energy-saving light bulbs pendant luminaires workroom designer lamps Sasan

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