Designer Outdoor Furniture With Style And Sophistication By Kettal

designer garden furniture complete set

Unique designer garden furniture by Kettal

We have a soft spot for stylish designs, no matter what living is. The eye to enjoy anywhere, indoors as well as outdoors. This can be accomplished garden furniture designers by Kettal with absolute certainty. They belong to the collection of Maia from the Spanish designer, Patricia Urquiola furniture. Furniture design is light and airy and provides for a maximum comfort and reasonable luxury. The ornate, solid reputed and the longevity of materials allow multifunctional use this furniture collection. You can put the pieces of furniture everywhere – not only in outdoor areas, but in your living room, your kitchen, or even in the children’s room.

The Maia collection also in the living room

designer garden furniture hanging Chair Chair living room

The collection consists of the relaxation armchair, the suspended seat, chairs, benches, foot stools and even dining and coffee tables. The Lichen material is a special plastic fiber, which is equipped with UV protection and is at the same time waterproof. In addition also the chenille fabric Porotex which gives extra durability the furniture. The lightness and elegance of this collection will convince you at first. Not for nothing she was called by Javier Mariscal from Bombay Sapphireals as one of the most representative of our time.  The collection has won even the architecture design award 2008.

Minimalist and light-hearted

designer garden furniture white kitchen braided

The favorite piece of furniture by designer Patricia Urquiola is the Maia relax Chair. She can thus identify completely. Their design method consists primarily of material research. You continually searches for the best fabrics and materials for their projects. Uses materials developed through new technologies then edited it with craftsmanship, or placing her materials from the past processed and a then with industrial processes. Both is a unique challenge for the designer and is pursued with equal fervor. See for yourself and learn more about this charming and refined collection by Kettaloutdoor furniture.

Comfortable coffee-drinking in the Sun

designer outdoor furniture outdoor furniture chairs white

Make your patio to your taste

designer garden furniture couch chairs terrace

Ergonomics and functionality in one

garden furniture dining table chairs white

Perfection and refinement

designer garden furniture woven hammock Chair sofa bench

Sitting is not simply sitting

designer garden furniture hanging Chair chairs dining table

Enjoy the magnificent nature relaxing

designer garden furniture hanging Chair white

The collection is also perfectly suited for your nursery

designer garden furniture nursery facility

Or do you prefer the relax armchair with foot stool?

designer garden furniture relax Chair footstool

Naturalness and Premium design

designer outdoor furniture outdoor furniture plastic fiber white

The Maia collection of furniture is also available in black and white

designer outdoor furniture black white braided

Exhibition of furniture by Kettal

designer outdoor furniture Chair coffee table sofa Kettal Maia

Kettal Maia bar stool

designer outdoor furniture bar stool barstool braided

Kettal Maia suspension seat

designer garden furniture egg swing Kettal Maia

Kettal Maia dining table

designer garden furniture dining table Kettal Maia

Kettal Maia foot stool

designer outdoor furniture Ottoman Kettal Maia

Kettal Maia relax Chair

designer garden furniture for Kettal Maia relax Chair

Kettal Maia Chair

designer garden furniture for Kettal Maia Chair

Kettal Maia two-seater sofa

Designer garden furniture two seats sofa Kettal Maia