Designer Table Bases – Stable Support And Visual Effect

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designer table legs spiral natural wood table top dining table

Spiral legs fresh atmosphere at home

Did you know that some of the most interesting and exciting inventions on the world by chance happened?

In other words everything with a very simple idea starts and becomes something really extraordinary! Something has happened in the history of the spiral conical legs of the artist Lance Stephenson. It all started as an environmental project for his nephew. In the end, it reached the character of long-running, stylish and innovative design, which is suitable for all art deco.

So design it manages to achieve a simple and monotonous design. Why so to replace traditional legs against a flexible and lasting solution?

Designer table legs

designer table legs spiral powder stainless steel dining table

This project came about a year after the creation of the so-called rocket bottles for the nephew. Designer table legs the shape of the antennas from the spaceship age. The legs are sprinkled and coated with powder sand. You can perform this kind of execution both in the indoor and outdoor.

Every single piece was created by the artist himself. It has many different sizes available. Can be replaced so easily to existing legs on the table. The kind of furniture pieces, which can be enriched to, is also diverse.

Industrial style of living and living room furniture

designer table legs spiral coffee table carpet sofa

Legs made of stainless steel – You can install it on a coffee or dining table, or even a sofa or stainless steel kitchen island.

Thematic structure

designer table legs spiral sofa frame

Robust and stable designer table legs spiral industrial style high gloss

Legs made of stainless steel

Spiral designer table legs exceptional design

Office table on spiral legs

modern home office table legs Office table

That was the character from the middle of the last century, which have aired. If someone told you that they originate from the sculptural design period, you will not be surprised, or?

Do you know what first surprised me, as I’ve seen this kind of legs?

carpet pattern stained tabletop table legs designer

Coffee table in natural wood on spiral legs

legs spiral natural wood coffee table

Extra height

designer table legs spiral high modern

In the factory

designer table legs spiral making images

You fit great in any kind of themes, which industrially to semi minimalist range from

designer table legs spiral factory metal

You are also super easy to install. Looking for some out today! To find a great table top for an amazing DIY project. I can imagine no better employment for a lazy summer weekend. And you?

Make spiral legs

designer table legs spiral factory making

Components spiral legs design stainless steel metal factory

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