Designer Table Reminds Off Glass And Wood Of The Depth Of The Ocean

designer table wood glass great design

Designer table made of glass and wood

Today want to we Them a Designer table present , really our Opinion after is awesome. So simply and enchantingly beautiful. Especially if you a House have, the one goode you would probably also has views and connection to nature, in thiss plant fall.

It is the table of the designer Christopher Duffy London. He shows a multistage design mimics the blue depths of the ocean Both materials, glass and wood have all necessary certificates, which prove its uniqueness.

Great table design

designer table wood glass blue

Table design

designer table wood glass blue

One has the Glass to cut out, or poured, that s s appear as really a cutout representation of the ocean. It is actually a series of such works and they are all unique, but just so amazingly beautiful in its article

Like many other ideas, this in large part by chance materialized. Duffy has observed the glass layers in a local manufacturer. He noted that the material was darker than it has located several layers together. Then came the association with the sea depth in its meaning. The desire to represent the beauty of the Ocean through the same material at his furniture was no longer stop in it.

Panoramic view from the top

designer table wood glass blue views from the top

Designer table by Duffy

designer table wood glass blue

Duffy has his team on the design of the table many years long worked. It has experimented with different 3D models. In the end, the collection includes 25 pieces.

The price of the table is particularly high. But you can understand that in this case, because it’s not bloß around a table, but really a work of art.


Designer table wood glass design

Style and class

designer table wood glass blue

This table is for the trend to imitate nature in the Premiumdesign. Because only because things are so awesome simply in this case here. The colors and the high-quality materials, let a work almost seamlessly to an any luxury environment fit.

It’s really hard to not be envious to the owner…