Designer Wall Lights – Classic Concept And Modern Atmosphere

designer pendant light blue orange Tulle lights Tommaso Caldera

K Classic pendants in the new interpretation

Each of us knows the great metal work lights from older houses or from the movies. Nowadays, they still exist and are also super useful.

When we once discussed the topic on Freshideen, most people of think that is the first association that comes up in their sight, were a workshop. This is how it sees itself well on the industrial look. But with this lamp, which we will now introduce, and the way will change how you perceive them. That was us at least.

We start, that this type of luminaires apply already no longer as a classic. Tommaso Caldera has it in the modern “translated”. He has named his new work TULL lamp.

This model for the company Incript was designed. They brought this dispersed aluminum trays used. In the end this combination of classical concept and modern atmosphere perfect, isn’t?

You can buy the TULL designer pendant lights in various colors

designer pendant luminaires Tull Tommaso Caldera

Unlike the cage not intended for the original version to protect of the light bulb. Instead, we have to do in this case with a sculptural detail.

Architecture and design

designer pendant light blue orange Tull Tommaso Caldera

Light fixtures and designer furniture

lamps and lighting designer pendant light blue orange Tulle lights Tommaso Caldera

Imagine the shadows caused by this lamp. We have seen and believe us: you are unique.

So simple, this lamp looks, that one can hardly imagine, how much work it actually is. The designer has all the trouble and applied imagination in the design of this modern lamps.

Designer Tommaso Caldera on the design

lamps and lighting designer pendant luminaires Tull designer Tommaso Caldera working

The designer is so characterized in his career by the modern approach to the classic metal works. Just imagine how great this lamp over the kitchen island will look like. And what would probably cause for a great picture if you would put a few this designer pendant lights in different colors together.

Classic and modern at the same time

architecture and design designer pendant luminaires Tull lights Tommaso Caldera

There’s a lot of work in this designer project

designer pendant luminaires Tull lighting design studio of Tommaso Caldera