Designers Bookshelf On The Wall In The Living Room

Bookshelf wall elegant modern shelving for books

Super original shelving with books make up the design

If there is one House books and pictures, one has to miss much. So many people think and put these works in the center of the own designs accordingly. Shelving systems from books seem to give life to the ambience. Each individual work enriches the rooms look through the own message and constitutes a stand-alone idea.

Bookshelf on the wall

Bookshelf wall minimalist white shelving books

Modern Wall shelves for books

Bookshelf wall modern shelving books

Also many designers capture exactly this power. Among them are these from the Turkish company unal & Boler. This shows the fascinating model s.. Their Bookshelf wall ideas like a new understanding about the effects of gravity can be seen.

“S.” bookcase by unal & Boler

Bookshelf wall s. unal & Boler design

Bookshelf systems s. unal & Boler

The installation consists of generating easy to wire hangers. The books on it similar to hang like grapes on vines. Even the smallest draught in the room put her in motion, what seems to dematerialize the whole.

Like grapes on vine

Bookshelf wall s. unal & Boler

Original designer ideas for bookshelves

modern shelf systems Bookshelf s. unal & Boler

Like linens in China

Did you know that there is a very interesting manner in China, on which the drying of the laundry is done? The designer from the Dutch Studio Ditte seems to be aware. They show that in their collection sampling China.

Part of which represent also the shelving for books Kwan.

As bedding in China

Bookshelf wall Kwan opened wall shelving Studio Ditte

The books rest on bars which protrude above the wall. Just wash the Windows hangs out in China.

“Kwan” shelving system

Bookshelf wall Kwan-designer Bookshelf

Books resting on rods

Bookshelf wall Kwan-designer Bookshelf Studio Ditte

The silhouette of a bird

You can inspire your own design through the inspiration of birds literally. Because this could be the source of the idea for the design Bookshelf systems. The birds and their flight are based on the idea of Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher. So they have created the bookshelves fin .

“Fin” Wall shelves for books

Pasteur Galano for Sonia Bookshelf wall fin

Fresh coat of paint

Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher Bookshelf wall fin

Search for inspiration in nature

Sonia designer bookcase wall fin

Or create a large bookcase wall…

You need but not necessarily great ideas of designer, great to decorate your apartment with the help of books. Also, it is enough if you fit one side of the room with wall-high bookshelves. It then depends on the tasteful decor.

Designer Wall shelving

Bookshelf wall minimalist shelving for books

Creative bookshelves with lots of charm

Bookshelf wall shelving books built in

Shelving from wood

designer bookshelves pictures shelving shelving

Ceiling bookshelves in the living room modern shelving books Bookshelf on the wall mount

Minimalist design with sleek curves

modern shelving books Bookshelf wall

Built-in wall shelf

modern shelving books Bookshelf wall living room furniture

Creative decorating ideas with practical function

modern shelf systems Bookshelf ledge Kazuhiro Yamanaka

Bookshelf in the bedroom

Alpine Bookshelf wall elegant shelving books

Free-standing and bizarre

An oblique construction made of wood

Bookshelf wall elegant construction wood playful

Yet a similar wall shelf

Bookshelf wall shelving books slanted compartments

Create optical illusion

Bookshelf wall elegant modern shelving books

Open Wall shelves in the classic style

Bookshelf wall modern shelving books wood

Modern racking systems have a playful look

Bookshelf wall shelving books practical wall decoration

Lively design

modern shelving books bookcase wood

Dynamic construction

modern shelving for books Bookshelf creative design

With gentle curves

living room furniture modern shelf systems Bookshelf