Dimensions In The Office Furniture Design

office furniture design modern luxury

Office furniture design for the modern workplace

The Office furniture design very strongly linked to the nature of our work. You also recognized that the name: PC Desk, reception desk, L or U shaped table.

The correct dimensions for Office furniture design and to determine, specifically for Office tables, you need to learn more about the different types of such. Here you can see an overview of the different types together with the physical dimensions. So you will have probably much easier in the next selection!

Perhaps prefer office furniture design in luxurious style?

office furniture design corner shape noble

PC desk

It’s this kind of Office furniture, which is used primarily for PCs. But to use it for other purposes. The dimensions vary among different manufacturers. But as the standards apply: 90 cm height and depth.

The modern PC can be made also very multifunctional desk

office furniture design ergonomic Walnut

Reception counter

To use them in the reception area of most companies.

Here certain guests and employees can leave important messages and information

office furniture light wood design chrome

Often occur in these tables the following dimensions: “182 x 81 x 74” or “106 x 180 x 76”.

The round shape is very much recommended, especially if they are in the middle of the Office at reception desks

office furniture design reception counter reception

L-shaped table

As you can imagine perhaps, the name related to the shape of the table. It is also often used in the reception areas. The table’s height 78 cm, width 74 cm and 53 cm deep. Another variant would be “152 x 74 x 76” with small deviations from the various manufacturers.

The L-shape at the Office furniture design ensures enough space on both sides of the computer

office furniture design PC table spacious

Such an Office table can be placed almost anywhere in the room

office furniture design wooden square

With a modern design and high gloss of the l-shaped table looks particularly elegant

office furniture design high-gloss modern

U shaped table

This is the perfect table for multi-tasking areas. You will have plenty of space for the user and for the storage of documents. It has enough room for all sorts of communications. The standards are to the 167 x 76 x 77. In other cases, we have the following mass “182 x 237 x 157” cm.

Also see a fine, luxurious design u-shaped office desks

office furniture design precious wood luxurious U form

Just as in a minimalist, modern variant

office furniture design ergonomically compact grey

Now know the standards for this type of office furniture! Adapt it to your purposes? What Office furniture design did you like best?