DNA Furniture Designs By Tjep – Extraordinary And Amazing

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DNA furniture designs gleaming table glass surface book

DNA furniture designs by Tjep – extraordinary and amazing

On this year’s furniture fair in Milan the Dutch Designer has shown quite strange pieces of furniture Studio Tjep , whose forms and sculpture on the human DNA code are based. These exhibits can be seen in the Ventura Lambrate in Milan. This fancy-looking designer products were produced by the company based in the Netherlands Dutch DNA Tjep. Specially developed software was used for the production of which developed the human genetic pattern and further implement this pattern in individual pieces of furniture.

Furniture, the structure and forms which are similar to the human DNA code

DNA furniture designs gleaming surface

DNA map with the patterns of genetic markers

DNA furniture designs design project human body

Is no easy task to create a DNA map with the patterns of genetic markers, so the Dutch dancer dealt Giulia Wolthuis, whose Vater is Eric of the founder of Dutch DNA. “The process begins with a simple and very easy realizable test, such is done usually at the police station or if it is to be noted the maternity/paternity”, founders Frank Tjepkema tells the Tjep.

The Dutch dancer of Gulia Wolthuis

DNA furniture gleaming surface of Giulia Wolthuis

After the analysis in a laboratory in Holland is completed, the data in a program are added to, then the lines and the 3D shapes. “We visualize the genetic markers and create the final forms”.

Unique furniture – glittering surface structure

DNA furniture designs shiny white glass tabletop Darvin

Of course a genetic pattern for one particular person has been created, so the individual furniture piece are very personally created. Wolthuis said the experiments have been very successful so far, have proved the glass plate “Darwin” and the CNC router which is Tjep Studio on the right path of exploration work. Both pieces are painted – glass in white and the torus sculpture in pink, and they have caused great applause in the designer world.

Here, you can admire more Tjep products on our Web site.

Glass plate “Darwin” – wine glasses on it

DNA furniture designs gleaming surface table wine glasssplendor and magnificence radiates from this glass plate

DNA furniture designs gleaming white genetic code

The furniture collection – exhibition

DNA furniture design exhibition Studio Tjep furniture stucco – DNA structure by Tjep DNA furniture designs gleaming pink decoration Qualitätvolle and striking materialsDNA furniture designs gleaming white peculiar patterna different piece of furniture design with DNA structure – a free-standing bookcase by Tom Schneider DNA furniture designs wood freestanding shelving

translated and edited by Sabine

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