Double Beds Are Not Only Functional, But Also Chic

double bed nursery green Dresser blue carpet

What do you need the double beds in the bedroom

To set, double beds in a nursery is regarded by many people as a big advantage. But actually, there are many features which you would have to also consider. If you know these, you also know how to make the best of it.

Functional kids bunk bed with drawer

nursery design high bed design drawer

Contemporary baby bed for double nursery

double beds nursery round rugs blue wall decoration

Usually one chooses, because one must save space and would like to. So are all other actions that can contribute to the ergonomics, of fundamental importance. We want to be through the following articles help you at the chose of appropriate under all the double beds to help.

The functionality

The selection of double beds should be guided first and foremost by the functionality. The models of double beds offer much more possibilities than this somehow to make. Above and below this you can organize lots of storage space through clever tricks and solutions. Take for example cabinets and drawers into consideration.

Compact cot design in white

nursery set up double drawer colored carpet

The design

Non-traditional solutions require that you kinda loosens up the own way of thinking. You have a wide choice nowadays and you would have to try to recoup as much as possible in any case. Lighten the mood by popular, but also as original themes. See to it are those that can convert quickly into some adult. Because the children something simple very fast.

Bunk bed saves space in the nursery

nursery set up double bed kids bunk bed design

Living design for a boys room

double bed nursery green carpet drawers

Interesting combination of bed designs

nursery design boys double staircase


Kids are kids and they think not so much of their security, as we are doing. The second bed is quite a challenge, no matter how adult is the child. You should do everything possible so that no accidents occur.

The upper bed should be well secured

double beds children's colored Interior green Orange Purple

Search for playful and innovative variants

It is aligned in all possible areas on innovations. Way, as you can see the concept of double beds in the bedroom, very many such are also observed. Drag all this into consideration, so you can find the perfect solution for your own institution.

Modern and chic design

double beds children's colored chairs nice wall decoration

Double bed for girl’s room

nursery set up furniture double bed colored bedding

Beds placed rectangular

Two beds can be rectangular, side by side. While they partially overlap, but there’s also a place among the top.

There can accommodate more work space or storage space

double beds nursery design boy kids desk

Beds one above the other with mounted elements

This is also a very popular variation. The two beds are very conventional one above the other. But one side has a ladder, a closet or drawers for linen.

The white double bed stands out well on the red brick wall

nursery set up bunk bed design white brick wall

Hide a bed

We experienced a very innovative concept where a bed of the other in the form of a drawer coming out lately. If you decide for a solution, you should try to seek out real good mechanisms. Because otherwise the whole thing will work only a short while.

The lower bed has wheels, making it functional

double bed design nursery stairs round rugs

The structures built to measure are good solution for the double beds in the bedroom. So they are best of the size of the room, and also its style. Not always, the prices are higher. If you have a good craftsman on the spot, it can be that it is even cheaper. It’s also an easier way to integrate the facilities of your choice. If you think about all the compromises, which it saves itself in this manner, then it is sure that it is really worth 100%.

Simple design of wood

nursery set boys twin bed wood

There is also a desk in the design in many designs

double beds nursery design modern desk

Bunk beds in the maid’s room

twin nursery design girls pink carpet

Girls rooms with white and pink paint

double beds nursery Pink Wall color white furnishings

Some beds are fascinating

nursery set up its fire truck bunk beds

Drawers are often a functional complement to the bed design

twin nursery set up images wardrobe drawers

Often the lower bed is wider

twin nursery set up boys fur carpet