Eco-friendly Chair From Oak By Architecture Fahad Workshop

Editor   September 19, 2014   Comments Off on Eco-friendly Chair From Oak By Architecture Fahad Workshop

eco-friendly Chair oak designer Hungarian

Discarded Wood scraps from oak wisely reapply

The designers of the Hungarian Workshop – architecture Fahad workshop discarded tree trunks of oak used, after they have been transformed into wooden beams. From this, they have created the Chair, named ‘Waste less chair’. An Extensible Chair that combines two seating positions. One is a rocking chair and the second turns him into a lounge chair. If it has not used the Chair, you can fold a complete him, until he gets his natural shape.

Eco-friendly Chair oak

Chair from oak issue

eco-friendly Chair from oak folding collapses the wooden chair – the natural shape of a tree trunk

A lounge chair with backrest

eco-friendly Chair from oak lounge chair

Solid oak in a Chair

eco-friendly Chair from oak rocking chair

Recycled display pieces and functional Chair at the same time

Chair recycled oak bar texture issue

Put the rocking chair in use

chair recycled oak bar texture rocking chair

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