Elegant Designer Coffee Tables With A Retro Touch From Fendi Casa

Designer coffee tables with an unmistakable charm

What has begun in 1925 as a fur trade, nowadays is a definite success story not only in the world of fashion, but also when it comes to interior design – the brand Fendi. Not only trendy handbags and accessories, but also furniture and other everyday objects are produced since 1987 in the character of this popular fashion brand. Especially when it comes to designer coffee tables, one can feel really exclusive with Fendi Casa. Here, tradition and innovative design go hand in hand. Of course, high-quality materials and the utmost professionalism are a matter of course. The good bits are decorated with a smart look with retro flavor. Many of the coffee tables are round, often with a subtle Sheen or simple Croc-print. Black and gold dominate at the designer coffee tables by Fendi. Their elegant simplicity makes her favorite pieces of furniture that fit almost any interior.

Designer coffee tables – the Regina coffee table by Fendi Casa

designer regina coffee tables coffee table fendi casa

Coffee tables are optimally combined with the other furniture and accessories of the world-famous brand. The noble textures and muted shades are just perfectly coordinated and provide solid balance and peace in the region. Gloss and lacquer, as well as finely processed wood bring extra luxury and sophistication in the atmosphere.

Quite effectively the “drop” coffee table. Painted black with gold accent he provides an instant eye-catcher. The “Fleurette” is no less charming. Petite and stylishly it looks elegant and nostalgic at the same time.

Though each of the designer has his own beauty coffee tables, there is often a favorite. Our constellation coffee table is definitely there. In silver and gold available, you can make, as the name suggests, it according to their own taste. The fine, smooth surface acts almost like a mirror and reflects the light, by the table still schicker and noble looks. Simply fabulous!

The “Constellation” coffee table in silver

designer coffee tables fendi casa constellation coffee table living room table

So, if you are that special something in the Interior, you may miss the coffee tables of Fendi. These are available for simple retro elegance and a proper nostalgia in the are four walls. Look at all the models alone and visit our website www.luxurylivinggroup.com for more inspiration

The “drop” coffee table in black and gold

designer coffee tables of fendi casa coffee table drop

“Constellation” in antique gold

designer coffee tables constellation fendi casa living room interior

Alias model with Croco-print

designer coffee tables fendi casa alias model

Anya sofa table in gold with shiny wooden surface

designer coffee tables of sativa coffee table fendi casa

The “Constellation” table in graphite

designer coffee tables coffee table constellation fendi casa

The graceful “Fleurette”

designer coffee tables fendi casa fleurette coffee table

Simple elegance in the living room

designer fendi casa interior coffee tables

Designer geometry with style

designer fendi casa collection coffee tables coffee table

The marble table “Quadrum”

designer coffee tables fendi casa quadrum marble table

Mirror smooth and soft velvet in neutral colors

designer coffee tables fendi casa mirror tables poufs sofa living room

The “Tolomeo” coffee table

designer coffee tables fendi casa tolomeo model

Gold-covered, warm shades fit

designer coffee tables fendi casa living room ideas

The “Ginerva” offers much storage space

designer coffee tables of ginerva coffee table fendi casa

“Hemingway” Kafeetisch in rectangular shape

designer coffee tables hemingway model fendi casa

The “Mayan” coffee table

designer coffee tables maya coffee table fendi casa

“Raffles” coffee tables

designer fendi casa raffles coffee table coffee tables

“Constellation” as a side table

designer coffee tables around constellation coffee table fendi casa

So to set up with Fendi

designer coffee tables round occasional table fendi casa living room set

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