Extraordinary Furniture – Pleasing Table From Cardboard Paper

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designer furniture Refold table

Extraordinary furniture – table made of cardboard paper, which is portable, eco-friendly and stable enough to carry an adult to

Are you fascinated by unusual furniture designs? Do you have those in your home? In this article we want to present a whimsical designer table. Designers from New Zealand have created this table made of cardboard paper, refers to Refold. They claim he has abilities such as flexibility and reusability. He is also collapsible, lightweight portable and financially affordable. Isn’t that great? See the following pictures so that you learn this offbeat table. We are sure that this design you like, if you’re a practical type!

The three possibilities of transformation of the table

exceptional furniture table seat

It’s a fixed table!

exceptional furniture table fixed

Light and comfortable to wear, or?

exceptional furniture transportable table

Designed by Fraser Callaway, Oliver Ward and Matt Innes, this table can withstand the weight of an adult. It’s amazing, if we consider the fact that its weight is only 6.5 kg! What do you mean about it? The transformations that this table can occupy, are multiple: it may be lower or higher, or are very scarce, so he is easily transported. The high position proves to be particularly important; It is so well known that long sitting is unhealthy.

You could use this table both standing and sitting

exceptional furniture table desk

The table is even reasonably priced!

exceptional furniture table design

Design made of cardboard paper

designer furniture easily transportable

Here you can see another variant of table designs. This is something colourful and attractive

designer tables cardboard paper decoration

When it is folded, it looks like a suitcase, don’t you think?

designer tables Refold table

If the article has piqued your interest, you might find more information on the topic also on kickstarter.

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