Extravagant Office Furniture With Fluid Forms By Nuvist

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Minimalisisch office furniture and elegant

Extravagant office furniture with fluid forms by Nuvist

When it comes to extravagant, modernist office furniture, we have prepared something very original for you today. Learn desk by Nuvist the Lyubkka seat and the Evfyra! Both designer pieces of furniture are unique and are made in fluid forms. They have a distinctive aura and will fascinate you with security.

The Lyubkka seat is a perfect combination of functionality and three-dimensional shape with organically curved lines. The plastic continuity enchants with its harmony and lightness, as well as with the shiny surface, which makes the seat almost unreal. The Lyubkka shows seen from various side seat in a different perspective. It is very much alive and dynamic.

This original piece of furniture is available in different shades and always becomes the undisputed focal point

office furniture sleek and slender design

The Lyubkka seat from bird’s eye view

office furniture bench high gloss yellow

The rear looks less dynamically, or?

office furniture bench seat back

Simply gorgeous – shiny and mobile

office furniture modern bench and Persian rug

Also suitable as a reading Bank

office furniture oval and shiny

Noble like molten gold

Office furniture seat close-up

Maybe do you prefer green or Mocha metallic?

office furniture based in neon green and Mocha

You can of course opt for multiple benches

office furniture in different colours

This office furniture are available in classic Silver with metallic lustre

office furniture in silver and white

And now we concentrate on the fluid desk Evfyra. He is one of the latest creations by Nuvist and designed especially for the minimalist Office. Its high-gloss surface reflects not only light, but also the other objects in the Interior, are located nearby. The designers admit that the dynamics and the strong presence of the desk were their objective. The lower parts, which serve as legs, are connected in a plastic, artistic way. If you look carefully, you will feel the energy of an imaginary wave. The Evfyra desk always looks different, depending on your vantage point, as if he live and are constantly moving. Once he looks as a breaking wave, another time as a heavy liquid mass, or even as a gigantic egg. The desk in various shades is like the seat by Nuvist. You need to decide which version is right for your Office.

The perfect choice if you are extravagant, minimalist office furniture

office furniture organic forms in the workplace

The Chair is in accordance with the fluid forms of the desk

office furniture desk and executive chair

A perfection in high gloss

office furniture futuristic design

The angle makes it

office furniture, fine textures and high-gloss

Cooling shades of your choice

office furniture desk in neon green and cooling Brown

All classic also in pink and blue

office furniture desks in pink and blue

This unconventional office furniture actually speak for themselves and need no special introduction, nevertheless we hope in finding furniture for your demanding Office a bit to have helped you.

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